The article Why i miss Musharraf took me down the memory lane back to 1999 when Musharraf took over. I remembered NYTimes called him "Just another Dictator" after his first speech to the UN. I agreed big time. Never mind the promises, we had heard them before and seen each one broken.

Since i was involved with social work at that time i started noticing a small change in the attitude of local adminstration towards public in general after the start of that famous accountability drive . Grudgingly i admitted that it was bringing a change, a very small one but never the less a change. Public servants had fear of God in their eyes and they were trying to look interested in public service.That is when Musharraf got his first + from me.

I used to travel abroad frequently and was always envious of the educational advantages that children in developed countries had over our children especially Computers & IT facility. I used to wonder when or if ever our children will be able to operate computers, study IT, have access to every research, article, information on this globe through internet. My wish was granted and IT revoloution backed by Musharraf was started by Dr.Atta-ur-Rehman and in no time we saw a huge population of Pakistan in direct contact with the rest of the world. Websites were developed, softwares Parks and Call centres creating so many jobs, hence economic activity. Second +.

I have always believed that BD(Basic Democracy) or Local Govt system has many advantages for our public especially living in rural areas, one has to be a superman to stay even in contact with 500,000 people of ones constituancy if one is an MNA (Member of National Assembley) or even an MPA(Member of Provincal Assembley) with 100,000 voters.BD system plays an effective role in peoples lives specially with their day to day minor problems. Try getting a domicle or even a NIC for your kid without you knowing someone, its a full few months course. Members of BD (500 to 1000 voters) could easily help out in these situations and many similiar.Two types of people were against BD system the MPA’s, MNA’s and the Lawyers. Politicans because they didn’t want their development funds shared and the Lawyers because their business was suffering, now small disputes that usually turned into long legitation/legal fees were being settled by these local members . Meant less fees, Who gives a …., Another +.

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Why does our politicans hate Musharraf? because they are very sincere towards Pakistan and believe that Musharraf has damaged Pakistan 🙂 ofcourse not, they hate him because he has done one thing that has changed the course of Pakistan forever and that is MEDIA and the awareness its creating, oh i agree its not fully developed yet but its on the path and eventually it will develop into a powerful tool which will look after the interests of public at large, this awareness is something that our current politicans could do without. I am sure you understand what i am trying to say. This media has become the main thorn in the corrupt politicans neck. Another + for Musharraf.



Now i will come to the exact moment that i started liking Musharraf, there was a conference of Islamic Scholars in Islamabad after 9/11, Musharraf was making the speech about how we should not interfere in other countries business Blah Blah and i pinched myself to check if i was dreaming, let me give you some back ground, long time back i read somewhere that if you carefully watched someone without him noticing you, you can usually read from his eyes if he is telling the truth, i used to practise this all the time as a hobby and can sometimes really see through the other person, i sat there watching him, listening to what he was saying on TV and what he actually was telling them, with his full face on the screen and suddenly i realised the guy was sincere and that is one very rare quality in our leaders, I have had the chance of meeting most of them.I am not in any way suggesting that he was an angel or he was perfect just in my humble opinion he was sincere in his efforts , was also a human and we are not perfect.

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