Raja Mujtaba speaks to Jeff Rense on todays most controversial topic – Osama Bin Laden.

On 10th May, Jeff Rense, a renowned journalist interviewed Raja Mujtaba on his show. The basic or the core subject was Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan-US relations after the showdown at Abbottabad.

This incident has made the position of Pakistan very embarrassing. People in power have to answer to settle the dust.

Basically, the whole game is being played around Pakistan’s nukes. The US is finding excuses to attack Pakistan. Militarily, Pakistan is much stronger than the other countries in the region therefore the US can not take any chance or play games with Pakistan.

One question is mind boggling, if it was Osama, then why his body was not put on public display? Unless this question finds a suitable answer, it will haunt the government and the people in power.

US has dumped the body into the sea, for a simple reason to destroy all traces so that truth is never divulged.

To listen to the interview, please click HERE.