"Money for oil is a fair deal, blood for oil is a cruel deal." Raja Mujtaba

On 9th November, 2010, Jeff Rense did the interview of Raja Mujtaba on his radio network. The interview was for an hour or so, that covered a wide range of topics. Some of the salient points covered in the interview are mentioned below.

America is playing with fire. Knowing fully well that India and Pakistan have a history of wars over Kashmir and yet US is patronizing India in Afghanistan.  India has dozens of consulates that are busy fanning  terrorism in Balochistan and FATA in particular and rest of Pakistan in general. If a nuclear war breaks out , the complete responsibility shall rest with America.

America should not fight Israel’s wars and now India has also joined Israel to make the US fight her wars. I was talking to an Indian lady journalist, she said no country can use India, India is too shrewd for that, rather India knows how to use others for her objectives.

Recent Obama visit, giving out 10 billion US would mean more unemployment in the US. Do you think that the white or the black Americans would move to India? They would only get the Indian Americans who would plant their kids here and the go back to the US. In fact more industries would be set up that would further escalate the unemployment in the US.

That day is not far when India too would dictate America like Israel does today. Have you ever taken notice of the fact that how many Indians are working in your think tanks?

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This is the first and an important step in that direction. Because of its size and location India would emerge as the real threat to America and not China. Historically and its present doctrine, India is an expansionist country. China has no such designs. She is more in trade and commerce.

In Afghanistan, America can fight for another 20 years, she will never be able to take control. A time would come America would draft the young to fight in Afghanistan and they would refuse. Afghans have no such issue. They would be and they are fighting for the liberation of the mother land from the invaders. Do not forget a Muslim can have 4 wives and many pashtuns already have them so they are having a population to replace the ones being killed whereas in the west, population growth is negative.

America along with the UK is fully committed to destabilize Balochistan, things like blackwater and MI6 presence there is an open secret. What Gordon Duff wrote in his paper that policy makers think that in order to destabilize Iran, its essential to balkanize Pakistan.

Pakistan’s rulers maybe supportive of American agendas but the public is not. If it continues like this, soon these rulers would get a kick from the people. That would mean America would be out from Pakistan. Why America has become so myopic, arrogant and stubborn is not understood but its to her own disadvantage and not to ours.

Our nukes are the safest, no one can reach these, whereas American and the Indian nukes have a history of accidents and being lost or stolen. Even your codes have been hacked a couple of times. America should worry more about her nukes and that of Israel that she supports so blatantly.

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Averting a nuclear war between India and Pakistan is the total responsibility of America. Kashmir has been and still is a flash point between the two. It was Lord Mountbatten who connived with Nehru and had the Maharaja of Kashmir sign the ascension paper signed in favour of India, although the majority population was of the Muslims who had opted for Pakistan.

On denuclearization, why America doesn’t shed her arsenals and also force Israel to do so? America would not be able to maintain her super power status if she does not see logic. The era of uni-polar world is over. Now its multi-polar world. There are more than 1 country to challenge America. Russia is back on her feet, China is an economic and a military giant, EU follows her policies independent of the US. So what has America gained, the enmity of the Muslim world?

Raja Mujtaba expressed his profound love for the people of America and gave a message that if America wants to see its glory, it must shed off the shackles of Zionist Israel and India who are forcing America to fight their wars. 

The readers can listen to the recording for more detailed information.

Click Here For Radio Recording Of The Interview.