LAHORE, Jan. 10: The Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has expressed deep concern over the reports that a US court was going to sentence Dr. A’fia Siddiqui 120 years jail and has warned of a countrywide agitation on that. 

In a press statement here Sunday, he said, Dr A’fia was being sentenced only for being a Muslim and the Pakistan government had failed to do its duty in  her defense.

He also appealed the nation to come of roads for the defense of a Pakistani daughter and protest over the rulers shameful attitude in her case.      

The Pakistani rulers, he said, were busy in appeasing the US and obeying orders of third rate US officials but they had not taken Dr A’fias issue seriously, while the Pakistani envoy in the US did not give due attention to the matter.

He said, Dr A’fia’s trial before the US court was only a farce and the Americans had made it a means to disgrace a Muslim lady.

Dr A’fia, he said, did not contest her case because the charges against her had been cooked up and the entire court proceedings were false.          

He said that dozens of Black Water and US officials were roaming about in Pakistan with arms unchecked and on being hauled up, were being released on a phone call whereas the Pakistan government had been unable to get a respectable Pakistani lady released from the US clutches.         

He also condemned the silence of the NGO’s and Human Rights activists in the country for their criminal silence on Dr A’fia’s issue and said these were concerned only with the rights of Qadianis and other non Muslims and not about the rights of a Muslim lady.