Islamic Finance is a fastest emerging segment in the field of finance while Islamic banks covered a market share of the banking sector in Pakistan which is more than 11% in terms of deposits and 9% in terms of assets. There are five full-fledged Islamic banks in Pakistan viz Meezan Bank, Bank Islami, Al Baraka, Dubai Islamic and Burj Bank.Furthermore, Islamic economic jurisprudence is the only element in a sharia law where similarities are greater than differences among different school of thoughts in Muslims but it’s also true that Islamic Finance is facing many challenges and many works needed to accomplish.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif is very humble, knowledgeable and Intelligent person. His vibrant personality impressed me and increase my passion for learning more about Islamic finance.He gifted me his book Islamic Finance – Theory and Practice which i recommend everyone to read it once for getting strong fundamental concepts of Islamic Finance. And as per my opinion, there is no doubt, it’s best course book for a subject of Islamic Finance at universities level.

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