We wholeheartedly congratulate PMLN and there lions for getting a tremendous victory. We hope so our city will get more prosperity under PMLN lions.

Islamabad Local Bodies Election Results

UC 50 Golra, PTI s Shoaib Khan Shaibi elected

UC 49 Shah Allah Ditta, PML-N s Syed Zeeshan Ali elected

UC 48 Serai Kharbooza, independent candidate Malik Imtiaz elected

UC 47 Tarnol, independent candidate Malik Rizwan

UC 46 Hadana Kalari, PML-N s Hafeez-ur-Rehman Tipu elected

UC 45 Jhangi Syedan PML-N s Syed Sibt-e-Hassan

UC 44 Bokra, PML-N s Malik Aftab Advocate

UC 43 I-10/2 PML-N s Rana Ishfaq

UC 42 I-10/1 PML-N s Farman Mughal elected

UC 41 I-9 PML-N Sardar Mehtaab Ahmed elected

UC 40 I-8 PTI s Ali Nawaz Awan elected

UC 39 Maira Jaffar PML-N s Sajid Mehmood Malik elected

UC 38 G10/4 PTI s Qazi Tanveer Hussain elected

UC 37 G-10/2 PTI s Malik Sajid Mehmood elected

UC 36 G-10/3 PTI s Raja Faisal Nadeem elected

UC 35 G-9/2 PTI s Malik Rafiq elected

UC 34 G-9/3 PML-N s Malik Sajjad elected

UC 33 G-8/1 PML-N s Waheed Hassan elected

UC 32 G-8/3 PML-N s Munir Ashraf elected

UC 31 G-7/1 PTI s Ahmed Khan elected

UC 30 G-7/3 independent candidate Amir Sheikh elected

UC 29 F-10 PTI s Khurram Bakhtiar elected

UC 28 F-7 PTI s Fozia Arshad elected as Chairperson

UC 27 G-6/2 PTI s Anjum Shehzad Tanoli elected

UC 26 G-6/1 PML-N s Chaudhry Allah Ditta elected

UC 25 F-6, PTI s Ateeq Khattak elected

UC 24 Rawal Town, Margala PML-N s Syed Zaheer elected

UC 23 Bani Gala, independent candidate Jameel Khokhar elected

UC 22 Chuk Shehzad, PML-N s Chaudhry Matloob Hussain elected

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UC 21 Sohan, PTI s Malik Amir Ali elected

Independent candidate Syed Abrar elected from UC 20 Alipur Farash

PML-N s candidate Manzoor Hussain elected from UC 19 Tarlai Kalan

PML-N s candidate Malik Waseem Sanah elected from UC 18 Khana Dak

Independent candidate Qaiser Bhatti elected from UC 17 Koral

Independent candidate Chaudhry Hanif elected from UC 16 Pag Panwal

PTI s Malik Ikhlaq Awan elected from UC 15 Lui Bhair

Independent candidate Chaudhry Nadeem Akhtar elected from UC 14 Sahala

PML-N s Qazi Faisal elected from UC 13 Bimak

PTI s Syed Hussain Kazmi elected from UC 12 Rawat

PTI s Abdul Majeed secures seat for UC 11 Mughal

Independent candidate Raja Zahid secures seat for UC 10 Kirpa

Independent candidate Raja Zulqurnain secures seat for UC 9 Chirah

PTI s Raja Khurram Nawaz secures seat for UC 8 Tumair

PTI s Qiaser Ghaffar secures seat for UC 7 Tumair

PML-N s Raja Waqar Mumtaz secures seat for UC 6 Phulgran

PML-N s Raja Wahid Kayani wins from UC 5 Kot Hathyal South

PML-N s Malik Ishtiaq Awan wins from UC 4 Kot Hathyal

PML-N s Chaudhry Mushtaq wins from UC 3 Milpur

AMIndependent candidate Pir Adil Gillani wins from UC 2 Noorpur Shahan

PTI s Raja Sheraz Kayani wins from UC 1 Syedpur

PMLN Lions