Islamabad is a Capital of Pakistan, a land of beauty. It’s famous by Margalla Hills, a beautiful Gift for a new developed city. Hills which are must to be seen by everyone. It was first believed that Islamabad will not be developed as much as it is now; it will be like a normal another city of Pakistan. It’s not a place which has historical places. But it’s a new city which is made and highly organized by people, especially for all who have come from all across Pakistan. The building’s architecture of city is wonderful with plain roads. It’s a quiet secure place where ratio of robbery is near to zero.

Islamabad is a place where people come to make their future bright. It’s a place where you can find beautiful places where you want go again and again, museums which represents the historical events and where the culture of Pakistan has shown, many beautiful parks to enjoy and get relax with family and loved ones after a long tiring day, shopping malls to purchase grocery, clothes, furniture, fruits, everyday needs in one roof. The most popular place is Faisal Masjid whose popularity is not just because of its attractive architecture but because the person on whom the Masjid is known for the great king of Saudi Arabia.

Islamabad is an educational society having many Schools, Colleges, Universities and institutes which are giving an extra-ordinary education to people. These institutions are educating people who are competing people in all over the world and making not only themselves but Pakistan proud. And because of these assets Islamabad is commonly known as a place of sophisticated people.

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It’s a place of peace where you can enjoy life in a very good manner.

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