By Qasim Qureshi

Our media has diverted the attention from Zar.Be.Azb to other small irrelevant issues. A Journalist with a negative mindset against Pakistan and its Armed forces visited bannu a city in northern regions of Pakistan. Over there he got some pictures and shared on social media by saying that these pictures are exposing Pakistan Army and intelligences. That journalist and his friends are no more different from TTP apologists. The so called conservatives say Pakistan Army is bombing only innocents while journalists say there is nobody in that region and Pakistan Army is only bombing the property of local people & when they get proof in the shape of tunnels and IED factories then they start saying these factories were made by Pakistan Army to use the weapons in Iraq through ISIS. I always laugh on such irresponsible statements. Remembering a statement from election candidate in India, he criticized the role of India Army in Kargil and Supreme Court of India stopped him from contesting election.

That system should be enforced in Pakistan as well. Images which are viral on social media are a part of campaign by those elements which are living within us but have a negative propaganda to divide our nation. They desire to demoralize us. Before the start of operation journalists were shouting that Why Army is not starting any operation against TTP and when operation was started same group of journalists opened a new fire zone against Pakistan Army that they are bombing on the properties of locals. By getting these pictures viral on social media they want to say that Pakistan Army is involved in the activities ofISIS.ISIS is a CIA funded organization which was operating in Syria against the government of Bashar Al Asad, at that time America was openly supporting them by saying that they were freedom fighters fighting for their rights. At present when they have initiated activities in Iraq, America started saying that they are terrorists and a threat to the global peace but everybody knows that in reality U.S is behind them and it’s a new tactic to defame Islam. introduces another first with ‘Property Search Trends’ tool

I never inferred that what kind of Jihad is this in which ISIS is slaughtering only Muslims, Why no statement or activity against Israel? Why the specific group of Pakistani journalists don’t viral the pictures of U.S senators meeting ISIS officials? Why they only hold back on bashing our Armed forces? One thing is very much clear if a state doesn’t have an army with nation’s support then countries like Israel invade them and they only cry for mass murders. Pakistan Army against extremism of any kind that’s why they started operation. Journalist who shared pictures on social media is famous for promoting negative stuff. Just suppose if something is written on the wall of my house, does that mean I am supporting that? We are practicing democracy for last 7 years and it’s the fruit of democracy that we have to tolerate such crap. By this they want to please their foreign masters which are paying them for this. First they do chalking on wall then take pictures and make viral on media. They are mistaken because love for our Armed Forces is in our blood. All we need is to focus and pray for the success of battles which our army is fighting borders as well as inside Pakistan.