Everyone is confused about two acronyms used in media ISIL & ISIS. People in Pakistan are very famous about ISI Inter Service Intelligence. Then what this is ISIL is it’s stands for Islamic State of Iraq & Levant while ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq & Syria.

Levant consists of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan & Palestine. ISIL is jahidist party just similar like Al-Qaeda but little different objective. As Al-Qaeda is famous about its terrorism but ISIL is malita. Who is fighting for making a Khalafa system in the world. There enemies declared them Takfiri and ambition to eliminate theses group of thoughts.

In ISIL, majority belong to Salafi/Wahabi sect. There goal is to make a Sunni Islamic State which covered dozens of Islamic Countries including Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Malaysia.

If you see there expansion plan, you will not find any non-muslim state in their reign except Hindustan.  Till now it’s just a dream because Iran,Qatar, Lebanon is Shia dominant countries. And Twelver never accept Salafi methodology, so if they made such a plan they would need to fight and too big bloodshed in upcoming days specially in the region of Middle East.

ISIL effect on Pakistan

If we do deeply analysis. We currently have no threat from this group because for reaching in our land they need to get triumph in Iran.  And till now there is no group in Pakistan who is supporting ISIL or ISIS.

Threat to World Peace.

Definitely it’s big threat to world peace. Oil prices boost up and world might be suffer from recession due to this civil war in Middle east.

ISIL jahadist group

ISIS or ISIL five years expansion plan occupy entire middle east , north africa and south and east asia.