Kobani is border city of Syria located at Syrian-Turkey border. Kurds have vast majority in this city. But from last week ISIS attacked on this city from three sides and besieged the whole city. Kurds fighters are fighting to ISIL with full enthusiasm.They demand Turkey to attack on ISIL and defend the city of Kobani from ISIL advances. But situation become totally different when Turkey started targeted strikes on Kurds rebels. Who killed around 10,000 Turks till yet.

Why Kobani?

Kobani has great importance due to its strategic Geo-Political importance. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) doing heavy fight with ISIL in Kobani used to retain the city. If they lose it’ll be a big loss for Kurds of Iraq and Syria because they lost the supply chain. And ISIL will start getting aids from Turkey.

Press TV propaganda

According to Iran based News channel, ISIL used Chemical weapons against Kurds in the street to street war in city of Kobani. Which is totally fake and false propaganda.

Turkey don’t want to intervene in Kobani on the demand of Kurds because it make it the whole country biased. One of the main reason behind in the silence of Turkey is that Kurds wants a separate land for the kurds of the region including Turkey kurds. So if they help them, it means they are helping there enemy.

Once Kurds stable they started insurgency in Turkey as well. As the whole world seen the country-wide protest in Turkey by Kurds.