All three states have double standard.
One sided American put sanction on Iran and other side Iran is part of US-led Anti ISIL coalition.
Saudia is supporting Syrian rebels and even ISIL in #Syria too but when #ISIL started triumph in Al-Anbar province
whose border touches to Saudia. They took U-turn and become enemy of this group.
While Modern Turkey also supported #ISIL in Iraq because they thought that this thing will stop the creation of Kurdistan.
But what happened in Kobani???

It’ll remain a big question for Justice and Development party (A ruling party in Turkey).

Turkey is now assisting Peshmerga which is Kurd Militant group.While Jewish injected their agents in ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant) and all top-management of ISIL(Terroist Group) is hijacked by Mosad (Israeli Intelligence).
They all are equally become a part of US big game. Accumulate all those people who love Jihad and then they started drone attack against them. Why not they did this thing prior to this war?

I don’t know when we muslim will realized and stop playing in the hands of American CIA.

Around half million Muslims killed in this war till yet and number is increasing. Who will answer to GOD why we killed our own brothers just to satisfy our egos. A big shame on us.

I can assure you one thing that those people who are fighting on the name of sect, even don’t know the Salafi and Shia theology. These morons are just defaming our religion which give lesson of peace.