As i wrote two words ISIL and America. Both are opposite to each other but in reality they are the same. ISIL majority are agents of American CIA with one objective to destroy the peace of Middle East. They started from Syria and then move to Iraq and now planning to expand there operations towards Jordan and Lebanon.
What there motive is? We need to find out the truth.  Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is so called caliph of Islamic State focused on sectarian violence. Now just to show the entire world they are killing one journalist after every two weeks. Three English Man killed yet while 300 thousands lost there lives in the current conspiracy in Syria.

Who is being victim of monster America. Two Americans or 300,000 Syrian people which killed just to get a strong hold of United States in this region. All terrorist group are supporting ISIL, including Boko haram who oppose western education. They are very narrow minded extremist people who don’t have any knowledge of religion and misguiding innocent Muslims.

How they are getting funds?

It’s a big question,  While everyone know they are on a wrong path and they are just few in numbers but still accumulate huge funds for running these banned organizations.

American CIA has a vital role in using these so called Islamic militants group which are using to weaken the Muslim countries. Press Tv is also playing a major role in misguiding people, which is just spreading hatred stuff against Salafism. As there core motive is , every shia start thinking that Salafis are our real enemies and we need to eliminate them otherwise they will do so.

ISIL jahadist group

ISIS or ISIL five years expansion plan occupy entire middle east , north africa and south and east asia.