In Pakistan people can sometimes be superstitious. Stories of the supernatural are common, covering strange occurrences from jinns to black magic. Whether you believe these stories or not, they are out there. But not just in Pakistan.


Did you know that in China living at house number eight is considered lucky? Or that in many New York condos, commercial buildings and hotels, there is no 13th floor?


On Friday 13th, those of a superstitious nature tend to stay under the covers, away from impending bad luck, dodging the black cats and rickety ladders. To those that don’t believe, these customs can seem strange, but to firm believers it can change their life for better or worse.


While trying not to tempt fate, Pakistan’s best real estate website, Lamudi explores some of the most interesting real estate superstitions around the world.

The Philippines

There are many superstitions in the pearl of the orient. If black ants happen to invade your home, then you will enjoy a long and prosperous life, but leaving a trail of food for them is cheating!


The date when a property is transferred is very important. The written closing date needs to include numbers that end with strokes that point to the top of the page, as opposed to the bottom of the document. Zero and eight are okay, while nine is said to bring bad luck.

West Africa

In countries including Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Ghana you should never sweep your new home or you risk sweeping away your wealth. The more cynically-minded might assume one didn’t fancy doing the household chores.

  Gwadar - An Emerging City


Haunted offices are such a problem in Indonesia that managing directors keep a shaman on call. Kiwon Friday is Indonesia’s version of the day that inspired the famous American horror franchise Friday the 13th. On this day, offerings are given to gods or goddesses at certain sacred places to grant a life free from disturbance by spirits. There are too many beliefs in Indonesia to list here; for example, did you know that building a house facing north could spurn your chance of riches?


All the single ladies beware. In Mexico, you will never marry if someone sweeping the floor brushes your shoes. If on the other hand you hope to remain single, allowing a shoe shiner to do this doesn’t count.