Houthis Rebel took over the city of Aden while Yemeni Senior Government officials fled and top military commander arrested by the rebels.

Is Saudia losing the proxy war against Iran? or It’s all about Arab spring?

  • Who is backed by Arab spring?
  • Why Arabs demanding western democracy?
  • How Zionist helping Takfiris’?

These are the questions which is rising on every lips. I’ll try to find out their answers in this article. It’s my first article on Geo-Politics. And from now and onward i will re-write biweekly on international topics. I would be very thankful to all the readers if they shared their valuable feedback to improve my analysis and opinion on International politics.

If we go back to early age of Islam. We found that in the reign of Hazrat Uthman (R.A) Muslims split into two groups. One declared Sunni while other group is famous by Shia.  What are the factors behind this division is move away from main discussion. We summarize past events by concluding, that this all happened due to injustice arose into the society, which created chaos and later moved to insurgency.

Old rivalry get a new name sectarian conflict. It’s not a war among shia or sunni. It’s fight of getting regime between powerful tribes of the region.

Who is suffering in all these crisis? Obviously the poor masses massacre on the name of ISLAM. While the people who’re killing don’t have any connection with Islam just trying to defame the religion of peace. Did they do research on western democratic system which is also prohibited in religion of peace. While new political system shift Arab mentality towards secularism which is far more dangerous than current dictator and kingship(Rulers of Arab).

  Insanity Bubble

If you see the current situation of Syrian invasions, Iraqi insurgency, Bahrain opposition, Lebanon anarchy shows that Iran played a vital role in all these revolutionary movements. And surprisingly till yet he get success while the Saudi funded Al-Qaeda jihadist lost its repute in Arab due to its extreme violence behavior and rigid shariah laws.

Even they used it’s last pawn by falling oil-prices into the world market but still losing its influence on their region. It’s alarming situation for Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud.