Saudi Arab has very close tie with Pakistan. KSA is the country which not only support Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons but also assisted by giving grants and funds openly and secretly too.

If you back into the history, you find out that KSA helped Pakistan at every down time. Even it’s military establishment ruling onto the country or civil political regime. Pakistan remain on high priority of Al-saud ruling royal family.

Now it’s time to help the Saudi when they request for military assistance. So i think Pakistan should not keep away from all this tragic situation in Yemen. While Houthi’s are totally backed by Iran, just develop to destabilize the region.

Iran is living in a day dream thinking to become a super-power of Islamic world. As the majority of Iranians belong to minority sect which unable them to rule on majority sect. They are trying to shift the region towards sectarian conflict which arises insurgency in Middle East.

Iran involved in many Middle East countries. On one side he is supporting the Alawites in Syrian while contrary supporting rebels in Yemen. Whilst also assisting militant wing in Lebanon named as Hezbollah. Some reports proved that Iranian Army is involved in Sunni-Geocide in Northern Iraq.

We recently did survey on our blog site. We found out that majority of Pakistani doesn’t wants that Pakistan should participate in Saudi-led coalition war. They think that it’s move towards sectarian division in Islamic world while 20% of Pakistan’s population belongs to Shia-Islam.