Iraq which is suffering from insurgency after fall of Saddam reign, now facing deadly terrorism from so-called islamic militants (ISIS).In 2015, more than 11,000 people lost their lives in Iraq mostly belong to sunni sect. But overall 2015, was good year for Iraq as its armed forces recaptured many ISIS stronghold areas including Al Anbar and Tikrit. And now they indulged in fighting with Takfiris in Ramadi while Kirkuk and sanjar already got freedom from Daesh and now in safe hands of Kurds (Peshmerga is controlling the cities security).

The Game of ISIS is now at end stages in iraq, continuous success of Iraqi armies spread a positive impact in hopeless hearts of people. Meanwhile, Iraqi economy is also recovering but still having a big pressure of refugees.Iraqi Kurdistan already declared autonomous region while Erbil declared a capital of upcoming sovereign country. Furthermore, more than dozens of international brand already opened their offices there.

There is no direct impact of ongoing war in Iraq on Pakistan but we should learn lesson from Iraqi armies who evacuated many areas from world most organized militants(Daesh). On contrary, our armies still fighting with low waged terrorist “Taliban” and operation “Zarb-e-Azb” continued with more than a year. If we move with this pace,it would very difficult for us to handle the upcoming insurgency.

Long Live Pakistan!