Iran is reported to have conveyed its concern to Pakistan over the situation in Yemen and expressed its desire to hold talks on the crisis.

The Iranian proposal for a dialogue on the crisis in Yemen and Pakistan’s likely participation in the Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels was made at a meeting between Pakistani Ambassador in Tehran Noor Mohammad Jadmani and a senior Iranian foreign ministry official last week, a Pakistani official disclosed on Monday.

The Iranian foreign ministry had asked the Pakistani envoy to convey Tehran’s concerns over reports about Pakistan’s willingness to join the military coalition cobbled by Saudi Arabia for fighting Houthis.

There were allegations that Houthi rebels were being backed by Iran. But Foreign Office spokesperson Tasneem Aslam had last week dismissed such reports and said there was no available proof of Iranian involvement in Yemen. Also, Pakistan has so far not taken a decision to send troops to Yemen.

During the Tehran meeting, the Iranian side indicated that it was interested in talking to Pakistan on the issue.

According to the source, Tehran had emphasised on a “policy of non-interference” in the Yemeni crisis. The Iranian foreign ministry had also diplomatically cautioned about complications in case of military intervention in Yemen.

Ambassador Jadmani, the source said, had conveyed the Iranian message to the Foreign Office.