No matter what would be the consequence of this punishment announced by saudi board of justice and finally beheaded and whole world saw the reaction from shia world. Who is Nimr al Nimr and why such punishment announced by officials. What he did? and How he was a threat for Al-Saud regime?

Nimr al Nimr is one of the top shia cleric in Saudi Arab who openly speak against the saudi regime and propagating a massive campaign against the ruling royal family(Al-Saud).  Recently,  he demanded, to rebuilt the shrine of Hazrat Fatima (RA), which is unacceptable desire. So due to anti state activities, saudi officials decided to behead him in public gathering.

A strong aggression has been reported from Iranian on this event. Anger mob burnt the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and Mashhad. Protest has also been recorded at Lebanon and Iraq.

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, few dozen people protested in front of Saudi Embassy and recorded peaceful protest against Nimr al Nimr assassination. Be remember, Saudi Arab is the only country who helped Pakistan at every difficult time and Pakistani Nuclear weapons also financed by the same country.