But they are Talking War and not Peace; Why?

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

On the occasion of international talks to be held on Tuesday, February 26, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, between Iran and the Six Western nations, the major agenda issues for negotiations are outcomes of perceptions not proven reality that Iran is developing nuclear capability and that Iran could any way is poised to threaten the military-political hegemony of the Western industrialized nations. Many well placed Western strategists have worked hard to transform some of the illusionary perceptions into workable acts of stage performance as was the case with the Israeli PM Netanyahu recently speaking at the UNO General Assembly. Facts are denied access in the mainstream Western news media and fictions become front-page headlines for public consumption and fear mongering. It is the same strategy used by George Bush and his accompanying psychopaths shortly after the September 2001 attacks on America. Bush- a single minded authoritarian absolute president wanted to demonstrate sense of power and security to the frightened America masses and to exploit the occasion to dominate the poor and destitute people with American military might and so he did bombed many nations and disturbed Muslim graveyards across the globe. What did America achieve out of this stigma of War?  Nothing except massive and continued deaths and destructions of the mankind. What are they up to again in warmongering against Iran?  America is the lead nation and its political leadership and Israel under Netanyahu the instigator to imagine the perception of Iranian nuclear threat in a distant and perhaps unknown future. Throughout the 2012, the war hysteria was envisaged and accelerated by human psyche and news media perpetuated the coming age of darkness and siege by the industrial-military complex flourishing out of Washington. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, an academic in classic studies, author of many political viewpoints on America and Europe and a poet (“Armageddon Approaches” Occidental Observer 2/21/2012) provides the cautious insight: 

“Right now, Iran appears to be the object of universal detestation, at least among those who control the mainstream media and who are anxious to persuade the easily duped masses that Iran is a major threat to civilization…..Unlike Iraq, which the warmonger neoconservatives told us would be a  “cakewalk—easily conquered in six weeks—Iran is unlikely to offer its American and Israeli antagonists easy opportunities to indulge in their fish-in-a-barrel fantasies.”

What is increasingly becoming cautious thought-provoking and militarily rethinking approach in the West is the Iranian military sophistication and readiness capacity to defend themselves against a Western onslaught. Whether Israel tries to hit for its own military supremacy or the US helps them to do the proxy war. Iran is not a “cakewalk” or President Obama cannot dare to issue a 48 hrs notice to Iran as did Bush to his long time CIA ally Saddam Hussein. Iran has its own credibility and it appears that all the Non-Aligned Nations will stand by Iran if such an attack is ever materialized. It is probable that China and Russia and some of the Muslim countries could well move to oppose the American Israeli combined attack.

[box] “We, as Americans, need to ask ourselves what all this is about? Why is our government so provocative toward Islam, Russia, China, Iran? What purpose, whose purpose is being served? Certainly not ours…………Where do we go from here? If not to nuclear destruction, Americans must wake up. Football games, porn, and shopping malls are one thing. Survival of human life is another. Washington, that is, “representative government,” consists only of a few powerful vested interests. These private interests, not the American people, control the US government. That is why nothing that the US government does benefits the American people.” Paul C Roberts [/box]

Iran is a member of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) based in Saudi Arabia. Kazakhstan currently chairs the OIC too. If the Islamic world had any physical existence: moral and intellectual valued presence or  any political- military capacity, would it not rise to understand the emerging conflicts and play a decisive role in finding workable solutions for all? Why would the Islamic countries not stand up and show solidarity with Iran?  Take the issue in a comparative context, no matter what issues are at discussion table, the West is always ready to launch attack on any Muslim countries even on hourly notice.  If there was an Islamic world of people and nations, would they not stand up for a just cause to support Iran? The world should know that what is described as “Islamic world” is really a paper-based entity, not a political force to determine any change in any human affairs. Dead conscience agents of foreign powers rule the Muslim world and for almost half of a century this practice is well managed by the Western leaders.  It is worldwide acknowledge and understood by all scholars and experts that as of now, Iran does not pose any threat of violence or military attack to any Western nation now or in the near future. So what is this non-sense of Iranian threat to the West? It is nothing else except continuing institutionalized warmongering by the few against the many- the living mankind. War involves feeling and emotions. Today, the Western politicians used news media as weapon to misinform and coerce the public for wars against Muslims. One of conveniently manufactured label is “Islamic extremism” or “terrorist.” The truth remains unchallenged that all Arab and Muslim nations are subservient to the Western political and economic hegemony. They are ready-made clients of Western military hardware and technological know-how, beautiful blondes for weekend marriages, security of palaces and would have no standing in global affairs unless America or British- French colonial powers were backing them to sustain their governance.

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Across the Islamic countries, Iran seems to have the unique capacity of freedom of thoughts and actions. But none of it is meant to be against the West or against Israel. Iran represents an ancient culture – a civilization, not so with America or Israel. Iran is not viewed as a bullying nation.  Beautiful Iranian ladies do not compete for getting Miss World’s title either. Iran has no mafia gangs and it does not export drugs but beautiful hand made carpets to the world. So what is the problem that these few Western leaders are talking about in halls of fame and crying wolf? What is the nature of Iranian threats against Israel or USA or old Brits?  How naïve it would be to imagine that a futuristic nuclear Iran would challenge any other nations on this planet?  There are 24 or more nations having nuclear weapons including Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea. None can dare to use the nuclear arsenals because of immediate reactions from other nuclear powers. The action- reaction strategy is embedded in a policy stance, not the usable option for wars. Who could dare to initiate self-destruction? It is not the time of 1945 that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the US without reprisals. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (“Armageddon Approaches”Occidental Observer 2/21/2012), synthesizes the possible reactionary fallouts of the war mongering against Iran:

“Given that Israel, for all its vaunted might, was unable to defeat valiant little Hezbollah in 20o6, the chances of it stealing an easy victory from Iran would seem to belong in the realms of fantasy. Not all Americans are in favor of aiding and abetting Israel in yet another rampage of wanton destruction—not after the crimes of Gaza which have left an indelible stain on Israel’s already dubious reputation. Destroying Iran’s infrastructure may make sense to some callous Americans, but to many others it would seem a cruel and vicious enterprise. To poison a population of 74 million people, most of them women and children, with tons of depleted uranium, while putting thousands of other innocents into wheelchairs, is not an achievement likely to bring honor or prestige to Israel.

Not all of us have forgotten the lessons of history. We are cognizant of the fact that Iran has not started a war for 30o years. That it simply wishes to be left alone. And that it is Israel, rather than Iran, that seems to suffer from a serious pathological problem—a “collective madness”—with more than enough blood on its hands.”

The Western leaders deny any claim to religious animosity against Islam. But Samuel Huntington did encourage ‘ennobling enmity’ to pursue the Clash of Civilizations – an assumed factual value of the Western wars against Islam.  What if the Muslim world was organized to defend themselves or to counteract to dispel the continued bogus War on Terror. The illusion of so called oil-pumped economic prosperity has essentially degenerated the Arab world in particular- being the hub of Islamic thoughts and origin.

If the Western world so far remained uncertain about its policy to launch military attack on Iran, it is not because there are other Muslim countries but due to Iran’s own military capability and strength in its security apparatus and that people will be aligned with the government to oppose the aggressors. The Western leaders are delusional of both domestic outrage by the masses against their warmongering and external global challenges to the aggressive war against a peaceful people.

Western societies could rightfully assert to have elected leaders who look after the peoples interests in a democratic system of governance. But problems rest with the leadership if at all they are leading the people to a desired course of strategic direction in global affairs. Not so, common masses do have sensitivity and full realization, the leaders are misleading many Western nations. Hitler and Mussolini were also elected by their people. Did they lead the masses to a peaceful course of actions?

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Is there inherent animosity between Muslims and Jews?  Not so. Muslims send blessings of God five times in daily prayers onto Prophet Ibrahim and his progeny (Ismail, Ishaq and Jacob). They have more Divine knowledge of Moses and Jesus than the Jews and Christians themselves. Some two and half decades earlier on an American university campus, while One of Israel’s highly respected  Labor Party leader and current President Shimon Peres during a visit and talking on the Jewish Holocaust, the author asked him where the Jews were protected and got asylum from persecution. He responded that Muslims offered the best protection to Jews when Europeans were persecuting them. There is ample historical evidence that Iranian provide special security and protection to Jews leaving France and Germany during the WW2.

As a scholar in global peace and conflict management, one would imagine that leaders be open-minded and must be capable to see things on and above the obvious horizon – the fallacy of woes and superficial crying, more of the future and future-making. These leaders must know their own strengths and weaknesses and about the people around them who perform advisory tasks and roles. Bush was not lucky enough to be driven to the war hysterias by his own complacent advisors. Obama is slightly in a different situation so far. British and French are his Master Voice actors. Germany is extremely careful not to be drawn into bogus conflicts anymore. When nation’s representatives meet at global conference table, they must be conscientious of short and long terms impacts of their negotiations and outcomes. They must be open to listening and learning without agreeing or disagreeing to articulate new and accessible points of understanding of each others viewpoints. If you threaten someone, you cannot talk peacefully for resolution of a problem.  America NEEDS to learn and understand this art of negotiations and problem-solving so do Israelis.  Know your enemy so you could deal with him. Yesterday, there were wrestling competitions between the US and Iran in Teheran televised across the world. Often one wonders, why not have politicians to meet and talk openly too? Why not have US-British poets and singers meet the Iranian and Arabs and other people from the world? Why not have Israeli sportsmen play with Palestinian and other Arabs?  Why not have scholars and intellectual from the dividing lines to meet at a point of convenience for change and understanding? All societies and people like jokes so are Americans, Iranian and others. Why not American-British humorists visit and compete with Iranian- Arabs and others? What is wrong with that? Would it dehumanize anybody? War does and is doing irreparable losses to human dignity, freedom and habitats. Talking across the table with perceived enemy will not cause any harm and health hazards.

Another remedial treatment to the mindset of psychopath monsters – the war leaders. If they could be sent on a trip to space and to see the Earth as ONE floating terrestrial body on its own, created and commanded by its Lord – God of the Heavens and Earth. The earth rotates against the sun at a speed of 10,000 miles per hour. God did determine this course of action, not by America or Brits or any other power. Truth is One and indivisible. God maintains the order and balance of all the terrestrial bodies moving in the Universe. Imagine if there were more than One God, like these ignorant and self-centered worldly politicians, they would have been fighting among themselves for control and supremacy. Thank God, we the human beings live in One World and we must learn to co-exist in harmony within the compound of One World. If they go to space, they will realize, they are nothing but self- inflicted criminal if they pursue war against the humanity. A broader view of the planet Earth from space  on which we live should help to make them realize who they are and what power do they posses or otherwise.  Agreeably, most often, these so called leaders live in modern age of ignorance- delusional culture of flattering comrades- they lack any rational sense of the interests or priorities of the mankind. There are major fragmentary wholes in American strategic outlook under Obama for Change. Beside financial, moral and intellectual bankruptcy caused by the Bush administration, America is alone in its war policies. Even the CIA and senior military strategists vehemently oppose any attack on Iran, explains Dr. Lasha Drakmoon:

“It certainly needs to be asked: How much longer will America continue to fight Israel’s wars? What hold does Israel have over America? Is America prepared to sustain immense damage to its vital interests on behalf of an unstable and insolent ally that remains, if numerous polls are to be believed, the world’s most hated nation?”

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Would America learn from its pervious blunders of waging bogus wars against the Muslim people?  If so, according to Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (“Armageddon Approaches”Occidental Observer 2/21/2012),   America can gain more than what it gets from Israel:

“Iran has oil in abundance, Israel has none. Iran does not hold America’s political class to ransom. Iran does not try to browbeat successive American administrations into putting Iranian interests before American ones. Iran’s dual citizens do not spy on America or sell American military secrets to Russia and China—there are no Iranian Rosenbergs or Jonathan Pollards. Iran does not coerce Americans into fighting and dying for it in foreign wars. Iran does not expect $3 billion a year in handouts, and even more in loan guarantees that never get repaid. Iran would be a far greater asset to America than Israel could ever be. Israel is a liability and a burden. More fool America for cuddling up to a “friend” who has stabbed it in the back in the past—the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty incident, the Jonathan Pollard betrayal—and is more than likely to stab it in the back again at some time in the foreseeable future. Dump Israel. That’s my advice, before Israel sets the world on fire, taking America with it.”

The compelling realities of the 21st century global geopolitical affairs reflecting human perspectives and values demand NEW Thinking, NEW Proactive Visionary Leadership, NEW Strategies and PLANS to deal with sensitive issues of war and peace, individual absolutism, bogus terrorism, human freedom and justice and cross-cultural conflicts. There are countless issues to be addressed across the socially, economically and political broken, dysfunctional and sometimes badly ruptured Muslim societal landscape. If the Muslim world had institutions and educated-intelligent leadership, would they not be organizing meetings in times of conflicts and sharing their unity instead of disunity to workout a common stance against global challenges and threats of war. As long as Muslim world is governed by the foreign agents dictated by Foreign Masters-, they cannot claim to be free or have independence from the colonial subjugation.

If there are proactive Western leaders they must view the global humanity and the world in which we all co-exist in much broader context than filthy politics of individualistic absolutism. If they are truly leaders and would like the rest of the mankind to consider them as leaders and respect them, they surely NEED to earn the respect, not claim it based on their contemporary role and performance. Ahmed Binjadaed or Ali Khomenei have not threatened anybody in the world. Obama and Netanyahu did. They could have stopped the oil tankers passing via the strait of Hormuz but they did not. If President Obama or David Cameroon were intelligent and serious about peacemaking, they could initiate a trip to Teheran for face to face talks. Surely, Ahmad Binjadaed or Ayatollah are not the wrestlers (pahlvan) to knock them down. Iranian President is an educated and intelligent person and humble in his character as all intelligent people should be. America and Brits would need to learn a lot to come to terms with the prevalent realities of human affairs if and when they decide to invest in continuing animosity against Muslims. Could it be that the Western economy needs more wars or the politicians prefer escape from domestic problems to distract home audience into fallacy of conflicts and instigate wars threats against Iran?

Paul Craig Roberts (“The Next War on Washington’s Agenda.” OpenEdnews: 01/12/2012) helps us to understand the agony and anguish of millions and millions of the Americans people who believe and long for global peace and harmony. Perhaps, the negotiators on all sides of the conflicting time zones be mindful what the global humanity expects from them – surely, peace, and no more sadistic wars.

“We, as Americans, need to ask ourselves what all this is about? Why is our government so provocative toward Islam, Russia, China, Iran?  What purpose, whose purpose is being served?  Certainly not ours…………Where do we go from here?    If not to nuclear destruction, Americans must wake up. Football games, porn, and shopping malls are one thing. Survival of human life is another. Washington, that is, “representative government,” consists only of a few powerful vested interests. These private interests, not the American people, control the US government. That is why nothing that the US government does benefits the American people.”