national bank of pakistan

Banking sector pivotal importance in the economy of any country through its vibrant functions. Moreover, the practice and familiarity learned during this tenure would also attest very helpful and alleviating in the awaiting proficient life.

This report is an upshot of my six weeks internship in NBP. NBP possess an imperative and historical importance in the banking sector of Pakistan. It always remains the center of hustles in business activities. It always endows with great covenant of really round in terms of funds and services at all epochs of its dynamism.

Although, a derisory period of six weeks is not enough to learn the complex operations of NBP yet I made industrious efforts to converse them comprehensively in this report. Particularly, I have remunerated more accents on study of distinguishing features and services of NBP. I have made maximum venture to elaborate this report with the material read, listed and observed.

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