By Umar Waqar

The recent visit by Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib to attend NarendraDamodardasModi’s inauguration in Delhi has left many questions unanswered. It appears that Mian Sahib and his foreign policy advisors have been mesmerised by the sweet talk of Hindu Baniya; however the follow up by Indian and Pakistani media of this so called epoch making gesture of visiting India tells a totally different story.Indian leadership remained focussed and to the point in expressing their stated policy, not bothering for diplomatic niceties that Mian Sahib was invited by Modi to attend his inauguration. As per Times of India,foreign secretary Sujatha Singh stated “All our concerns on terrorism have been clearly articulated by PM Modi,it would be wrong to interpret the development as coming any closer to full resumption of dialogue than before the Modi government took charge. India’s priority, he said, was 26/ 11, terror and trade, in that order. He further elaborated that for dialogue to resume it was necessary for Islamabad to show forward movement in the Mumbai trial which continues to move at glacial pace, if any.Indian officials also expressed satisfaction over the fact that Sharif did not meet the Hurriyat Conference leaders. In his talks with Modi, Sharif also didn’t directly take up the Kashmir issue”.

The policy of appeasement with India has neither worked in past nor will work in future. Pakistan should better start behaving like a responsible and honourable nuclear power.It appears that we have lost sight of the issues of life and death for Pakistan. If India’s PM was so loud and clear on issues like terrorism and Mumbai on the first day of his inauguration, why was Pakistani PM mum on the terror unleashed by RAW through her proxies in Baluchistan and FATA. Even the on-going Arab springhas beenseriously followed by the Indian print and electronic media as well as the South Block for it could trigger same spring in occupied Kashmir as well; but this aspect was almost ignored by Islamabad and most of the Pakistani media. Could it be the best time to support the Kashmir Spring? The simmering currents of freedom in the Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir are getting moral fillip from the Arab Spring and the Indians can feel the heat of it and read the writing on the wall.

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Can Islamabad fathom the reality and take advantage of this fleeting opportunity? I don’t think so; Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi ,Quettaand even Muzaffarabad are so numb and have, probably, lost the lustre of Ghairat. If the things were in the hands of our bureaucrats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our political leaders, this God-given opportunity would have gone waste in the dustbin of history. Fortunately, they are not in the hands of these useless entities; this time it is the Kashmiri youth that is calling the shots – are we listening?

Indian leadership who has lost all contact with people of Occupied Kashmir has been ruling through the police force, a fact that has only added to its unpopularity in the valley. The rise of BJP and Modi’s policy of dismantling article 370(which gives some semblance of identity to the Kashmiri people) has drawn serious reaction from the Occupied Kashmir, even Omar Abdulla has commented that  article 370 is the only thing which sustains annexation of Kashmir to India.

What should be the role of Pakistan in this hour of freedom when winds of change are blowing across the shores of Mediterranean as well as the lofty Himalayas? Yankees are leaving Afghanistan and the tide of history is turning in favour of Pakistan. But what we needis tons of Ghairat. I can feel the simmering currents under Srinagar, Jammu and Doda, I can see the fire in the eyes of stone-pelting Kashmiris as well as the perspiring forehead of the Modi. However, I have lost faith in the leadership of Islamabad. I dedicate this piece to the Kashmir Spring and make the time witness to watch its ferocity and fanfare:

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Time for Kashmir Spring

From the glittering peaks of snow,
Through the simmering Chinars that glow,
I see the minarets of liberated Kashmir,
As wind whistles past my thatch hut,
I see an Indian soldier with a rifles butt,
An alien in my land claiming of possession of my soul,
Thinks he has leased my life on parole,
Looking across the line of control, and glancing at Faisal Mosque,
Not a single eye watches my spring, alas
Muzaffarabad and Islamabad, too busy in babbling, bickering,
With tall claims of all support, can’t see my spring it’s so sickening,

Six decades and still counting, my destiny buried in the dustbin of history,
Oh traders of my soul, you are too pathetic to fight, it’s nomystery,
Benghazi, Ghaza and Tunis, new beacons of my hope and bliss,
For breaking the shackles of tyranny of Baniya,
For wresting my right from the jaws of hyena,
Muzaffarabad and Islamabad, too busy in babbling, bickering,
With tall claims of all support, can’t see my spring it’s so sickening,

I gaze through the morning mist of Wullar Lake,
And prism of time spread over six decades,
My daughters dishonoured by Baniya,
My sons slaughtered by Baniya
My waters polluted by Baniya
Your waters looted by Baniya,
My dead mutilated by Baniya,
My graver pulverised by Baniya,
And Mian Sahib from Islamabad,
So mesmerised by Baniya,
Muzaffarabad and Islamabad, too busy in babbling, bickering,
With tall claims of all support, can’t see my spring it’s so sickening,

It’s a clarion call, it’s a clarion call,
From Poonch, Nowshera and Srinagar,
Get up and throw the Baniya, beyond Ravi and Basanter,
Out of Jammu as well as the proud city of Gandarbal,
Beyond the glaciers of Laddakh and foothills of Parmandal,
Beyond the apple orchards and majestic walnut jungles,
Beyond the peaks of PirPunjal, beyond cedars of Bannihal,
Beyond the lake of Wullar and beyond the pines of Achabal,
Get up and throw the Baniya, beyond Ravi and Basanter,
Beyond the glaciers of Laddakh and foothills of Parmandal,
Muzaffarabad and Islamabad, too busy in babbling, bickering,
With tall claims of all support, can’t see my spring it’s so sickening.

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(Falling short on vocabulary in explaining ghairat, I take help from the ultimate saint Allama lqbal – RahmatullahAlaeh.)

An advice by an old Baloch to his son

lssdasht se behtarhal no dillinabukhara,
Allah kopaamardi-e-rnominpebharosa,
lbleesko Europe kimashinonkasahara,
Taqdeer-e-umnmkiahai koi kehnahinsakta,
Mominkifarasatho to kaafihailshara,
Ikhlas-e-amnalseekhnayagon-e-kuhan say,
Shahancheajab garbnawazandgadara.