By Adeela Naureen and Umar Waqar

As per techtarget .com “Cyber warfare is Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems. Cyber warfare attacks can disable official websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services, steal or alter classified data, and cripple financial systems, among many other possibilities”.

As per Alvin Toffler, “the media fire blips of unrelated information at us. Experts bury us under mountains of narrowly specialized monographs. Popular forecasters present lists of unrelated trends, without any model to show us their interconnections or the forces likely to reverse them. As a result, change itself comes to be seen as anarchic, even lunatic.”

And we add the power of social media which is most unbridled and almost free(less the one which is controlled by vested interest) than you can have what has recently happened in India, the Exodus of Northeasterners from (mainly) Southern India. Today’s discussion is not about India’s Fault lines and the simmering currents of revolt  knocking at the doors of New Delhi, but a sinister blame game launched by frustrated leadership of India that Pakistani groups were involved in a campaign to divide India. Despite our limited access to what happens inside the “Shining India”, we would like to expose the contours of a persistent anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam cyber war that has been waged by Indian groups(government sponsored and private) to demonize and belittle Pakistan in every way possible.

While being fully cognizant of the fact that Pakistan’s socio economic and security challenges, and that it’s only the resilience of people that has let her float through in last one decade , Pakistan at present presents an ideal target for cyber warfare and information operations. With help from Pakistani intellectuals in print and electronic media as well as a policy of appeasement adopted by successive Pakistani governments, Indian Cyber warfare apparatus has been allowed  a free run to bludgeon Pakistan as well as Islam.

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The paucity of space for discussion restricts us from doing a post mortem of Indian Cyber war against Pakistan, however few glimpses of one forum Bharat Rakshak.com(which in our opinion is the vanguard organization of Pakistan and Islam specific Cyber war apparatus) could be an eye opener for many .Bharat Rakshak is a Pakistan Hate forum with viewership running into millions , we wish the Aman Ki Asha group should have some open discussion with this forum and find out that peripheral, social and media exchanges for peace don’t stand any chance of mitigation of hate created by this one forum only, so they may be wasting a lot of time of lot of people across the great divide.

Bharat Rakshak(BR) has a clearly articulated offensive and defensive strategy in place, and an admirable ability to pick anything from Pakistani or international media to demonize Pakistan, an interesting threads currently run by BR is, “A mirror on Pakistan, In their own words by Pakistanis”. Pakistani Newspapers anchors and intellectuals who have become specialists in Pakistan and Islam bashing are the most sought out and quoted entity in this thread. Pakistan is satirically named as Terrorist Islamic Republic of Pakistan(TIRP)

Demonizing Islam, as well as the Indian Muslims  Hate material runs into millions of comments and views with insulting of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(Peace be Upon Him) as well as Akabireen and Muslim leadership. General themes include Islam bashing, Bangladeshi Bashing, portraying Pakistanis as illiterate and ridiculing the sectarian divisions within Islam. A disturbing way of expressing everything associated with Pakistan is that China Pakistan friendship has been displayed by an insulting photograph, a monkey(Pakistan) riding a pig(China). Pakistan’s ISI has a special forum for discussion and is one of the prime targets of BR forum.

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There is a confused and free for all strategists’ Strategic Forum on Sub Continent with self-created and imaginary threats discussed on daily basis, it appears that fear factor has not left Indian psyche, probably 1000 years of slavery has a permanent imprint, this imprint stands confirmed by Bharat Verma’s latest book on India’s fault lines.

The Boomerang on India’s Face  What the cyber warriors of India forgot was that you cannot insult a community which forms 20% of you demography, the Muslims of India. Whereas they may get away with Pakistan bashing, Islam bashing and insult of our history and Akabireen cannot be digested by any Muslim, Pakistani or Indian. So what do you expect in response, I doubt it that the leadership on both sides of the divide is even aware of this, and you blame Pakistan for all the hate you create in the mind of your next generation.

To highlight their anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam bias we will quote from Bharat Rakhshak discussion forum on how should US fulfill the dirty desires of India, “If the Americans think straight, and with a clear lens not dirtied with Gulf Arab oil and money, then they would not be confounded by Paki "treachery". Paki behavior will then be perfectly understandable and predictable, once they understand the true nature of the Sunnis. And then, never again will they make the mistake of going into Iraq of even Afghanistan to tackle radical Islam, instead they would squeeze the Pakis(the body of the snake) and the Saudis(the head of the snake).

Those who negate the two nation theory within India as well as Pakistan must understand that two nation theory is not only alive it has morphed into n Nation theory within India.


There are conflicting reports coming from India, from calls for outright banning of Facebook and twitter to articles by likes of Shashee Tharoor to look into aspects of cyber warfare, everyone seems to be in a state of denial in India that the root cause of all this mayhem and insurgency does not lie in the Cyberspace but within India’s socio political landscape.

To conclude the argument we give you an interesting example; recently Narendra Singh Modi accused the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government of disrespecting the Indian culture by allegedly promoting slaughter of cows to increase beef export. Well beef is a different issue Mr Modi, especially when it comes to making good profit, incidentally India is forecast to become the world’s leading beef exporter in 2012,so there are no Holy Cows any more, but Muslims in India will not be allowed to touch the Holy Cow! Confusing, isn’t it?