India and Saudi Arabia has signed extradition treaty and number of other pacts to enhance cooperation in various sectors, like economy, energy and defence in recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to India. According to the Hindu media, leaders of both the countries also emphasized for long-term strategic relations between two states. It is also a known fact that Saudi Arabian king in one to one meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has shown concern over the regional and global adverse security environment and urged him to resolve bilateral issues with Pakistan. India never liked Saudi interference on occupied Kashmir issue and always tried to tone down the conflicts in negotiations with Saudi leadership. Indo-Israel growing ties are also alarming for the Arabs and other non-Arab Muslim leadership.

Arab world including Saudi’s leadership must be well aware of the facts that India has provided bases to Israel to strike Iran and Syria.  India is seeking cooperation from Israel in aerospace industries and at the same time to meet her local crude oil energy requirements approached Saudi Arabia. It is also notable here that she also recently went into arms deal with Israel purchasing over $ 200 million arms and naval crafts with a view to strengthen armed forces as one feature of her per-planned hegemonic design. Saudi rulers should be mindful to the increasing influence of Israel in central Asian region. As per Israel’s greater design, Madina (Muslim Holy City) falls in the jurisdiction of future Israeli state. 
Both India and Israel are also united on one point that is anti Muslim agenda through sectarianism. They have decided to force US and NATO forces to stay in Afghan region. They do not support any negotiations, talks and agreements which should be helpful in bringing regional peace. They always try to use multi dimensional approaches to   sabotage the talks. They use Jews controlled media, anti Muslim think tanks and lobbies to target Muslim countries. For example, New York Times, Times of India and Washington post started thrashing out Pakistan forces and its nuke programmes prior to the start of under going PAK-US Strategic dialogues. The said newspapers are alleging Pakistan security forces and intelligence agencies for supporting Taliban and depicting Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as safe heaven of Taliban and are also alleging Iran for supporting Taliban against America. But the reality is different, in fact   a group of 100 men have been inducted and trained by Indian embassy located in Tehran and consulates in Zahedan, There are some reports that some trained terrorists have been pushed into Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for creating instability, target killing of important dignities and American top listed personalities. Indian media in collaboration of their Jews masters has decided to create differences between Iran & Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iran while creating sectarian problems in the revealed countries.
Thus Islamic countries need to be united to defeat anti Muslim campaign. The most pertinent factor of under discussion topic could be that whether indo-Israel nexus would be suited to Saudi Arabia or not. Saudi Arabia is one of the country that always been considered as the centre of the Muslim community. India, since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, has preferred to maintain amicable relations with Israel USA and Arab countries too. Indian leadership also knew that India’s domestic politics and dependence on the Arab world will most likely be criticized in extremist Hindu circle. India’s double standards towards Muslim ummah are now an open secret. She has dual face and playing double game with Saudi Arabia while declaring that Saudi Arabia and anti Muslim Israel as her strategic partner in the same frame of time,
 Indian ulterior and interior motives show two different scenarios. Her Research Analysis Wing’s (RAW) is funding South Asian Analysis group for proving  Saudi connection with Al-Qaeda and is  also advocating that terrorism is being multiplied through “Wahhabism”. In short she is promoting sectarianism through fomenting “anti Wahabism” venom in the Muslim masses. For example in an article “JIHADI TERRORISM: The Saudi Connection” B.Raman (former Additional Sectary of Indian Intelligence Agency RAW) reveals "Like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has been following a dual policy on terrorism," said B. Raman, a senior analyst with the South Asia Analysis Group. While the Saudis have taken "ruthless action" against al-Qaida elements within Saudi Arabia, Raman said, "it has avoided taking action against Wahhabi organizations which have been supporting terrorism in other countries."
The Indian writer also alleged Saudi Arabia for supporting many of the charity organizations in India, Bangladesh and the United States that fund terrorist organizations are of Saudi origin.
He further stressed that Saudis have paid only lip service to complaints of such sponsorship and requests to halt funding of Sunni Wahhabi groups.
Wahhabi Islam, which originated in Saudi Arabia, is the primary religious movement behind extremist Islam, including al-Qaida and the Sunni Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Raman confirmed, "There has been a long history of links between jihadi terrorist elements in India and Saudi Arabia."
Any how, this classic example of propaganda carried out by RAW funded and planted agent against Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. King of Saudi Arabia and his subordinates must remember that India and Israel can never be the friends of the Muslim community. Both countries are notorious for crushing Kashmiries, innocent Ghazans, Sikhs and even Christian Communities. OIC should terminate Indian status of ambassadors. World community should force Israel and India to stop brutality against innocents Palestinian and Kashmiries. 
Zaheerul Hassan is doing his MPhil in International Relations. He is a regular writer for www.Opinion-Maker.org