By Waheed Hamid

The democratic India is visibly struggling and fighting against its few intolerant extremists as it moves to more  understanding of human values and truth.  The uncultured ideology of having no ethics in war and enmity was rationalized and the civilization seem progressing  with expansion of space for Human Rights , ethics , rule of law and morality. Over the thaw on LOC violations and tension in Indo – Pak relations in recent past Indian known writer Karan Thapar  wrote a thought provoking article in Hindustan Times. He questioned  the Indian voices claiming beheading and mutilation of an Indian soldier on the LoC by Pakistan which Pakistan has denied. He reminds that in past during a skirmish at Karnah, “Indian Special Forces responded by attacking a Pakistani forward post, killing several soldiers, and by the account of one military official which The Hindu could not corroborate independently, beheaded two.” What makes this claim credible is that it’s reported by military sources who not only ought to know but would not denigrate the reputation of Indian soldiers. He gives another evidence from an eye-witnesses Barkha Dutt who wrote  ‘Confessions of a War Reporter’, published in June 2001 by Himal, a well-known Nepalese magazine, Barkha Dutt recounted how she witnessed a decapitated Pakistani soldier’s head at Kargil.

Indian Interior Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde , has put serious blames on Hindu Extremist Organizations supporting Pakistani claims. He confessed that “We have reports that training camps of BJP and RSS are promoting Hindu terrorism. Hindu extremist organizations recruit Armed People. We are closely watching it.” At the AICC session in Jaipur, Shinde had accused BJP and RSS of conducting terror training camps and promoting “Hindu terrorism”.  Mani Shankar completely agreed to Interior minister and said,“ its good that interior minister himself told this as it is not something hidden, everybody knew it but no one had the courage to speak.” Unfortunately the extremists in India have high jacked the majority view.   Meenakshi Ganguly, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch said that “It is extremely rare for the security forces in Kashmir to turn over one of their own to the civilian justice system,”. Over the past two decades, the conflict in Kashmir has left over 47,000 people dead by the official count.

  Bonn Conference: Global Shame

Indian Civil rights groups have been arguing for long that the investigations into bomb blasts and terror attacks have degenerated into communal witch-hunts. Bomb blasts are followed predictably by mass arrests of Muslim youth, raids in Muslim-dominated localities, detentions, arrests and torture; media trials, charge sheets and prosecution based on custodial confessions and little real evidence. It has been assumed, and accepted widely, that no further proof of guilt need be offered than the fact that the accused belonged to a particular community. Leads which pointed to the hands of groups affiliated to Sangh  organizations and their complicity in planning and executing acts of terror were ignored, never seriously pursued. The agencies, showing their abject bias, instead chose to pursue the beaten track of investigating Islamic terrorist organizations such—despite clear evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

Historically remembering  18 Feb 2007  when  at least 68 people mostly Pakistani were killed in a series of explosions and a fire on Pakistan-bound train in the northern Indian state of Haryana, near Panipat, about 80km (50 miles) north of Delhi. Initial investigation blamed  LeT and JeM , even a Pakistani national Azmat Ali was arrested. Later it was found by the investigating  Police that the  right-wing Hindu activists and an Indian army officer Colonel Prohit had a significant  role. The confessions of Swami Aseemanand further confirms hindutva redical’s role in terrorism. In Mecca Masjid Blast on May 18, 2007 ,14 people died and as a natural reaction initially around 80 Muslims were detained for questioning and 25 were arrested. The investigation followed the script till the CBI found evidence that mobile phone-detonated explosives packed in metal tubes were similar to the Ajmer blasts. The bombs are believed to have contained a deadly mix of RDX and TNT, in proportions often used by the Indian army. Professor in biomedical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mr Ram Puniyani   wrote about Col Purohit last year in that in the wake of the various acts of terror and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur’s motor cycle being traced, it became clear that the investigating agencies are acting on the wrong thesis that ‘all terrorists are Muslims’. A Pandora’s box opened and the link of ex-ABVP activist, Pragya Thakur, Swami Dayanand Pandey, retired Major Upadhayay, Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit and Swami Aseemanand came to surface.  Role of two organizations inspired by the ideology of ‘Hindu nation’, Abhinav Bharat and Santana Sanstha also came to light. Recently, Indian leader Vijay Singh told that BJP demanded concessions for Prohit and others involved in Samjhota Express blasts. He said, “We want to ask Lal Krishan Advani  that he took delegation for following Prohit’s case to Dr Manmohan Singh, Sushmaa Suraj was also part of this delegation, they went to follow terrorists they should be answerable and sorry for it“.

  Who will watch the watchdog?

The time of progress through concealing own follies and using harassment through extremism is no more practical in today’s media world where open source information has gained more importance when compared with old intelligence tools.  Extremism is not only a visible problem in India but unfortunately all indicators show its growing due to lack of  international support for the ones who tend to raise their voice against this menace. The dangers are not only  for India and its democracy but the entire region has started feeling the heat. The Indian extremists now challenge their own sports and cultural stars on basis of religion and caste. The world is a global village  and all who can make a difference must act to save humanity and give PEACE a chance .