There is a famous proverb in Urdu and in Hindi as well, meaning that Hindu would never deal straight; that is what India is doing in resolving Kashmir issue. Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was an authority on international affairs who has written in his book, ‘Bilateralism’, “If you forget history, history will forget you”. …yes, he was right in case of India and the US, in particular and other countries in general.

In 1989, owing to indigenous freedom movement, the Indian-held Kashmir was on the verge of being freed from the clutches of India. The Kashmiri Muslims’ sacrificed more than 90,000 Kashmiris, apart from destructions of their properties worth millions of dollars and burning of their religious places whereas UN and the big wigs of the world either have become silent spectators, though they call themselves as the flag carriers of Human Rights which proves that they are just hypocrites and biased against Muslims. However, India again played her old trick of asking international community, the 3rd party, to intervene and ask Pakistan to stop aiding the freedom movement as the issue will be resolved through ‘talks’ hence the international community, mainly US and Britain, pressurized Pakistan to accept the Indian offer of “talks”, and Pakistani rulers, being not so far-sighted, accepted it which turned the table not only against Kashmiri indigenous freedom movement but it also deviated Pakistan’s stand from the UN Resolution of Plebiscite in Kashmir, of 1948.  
It has been an irony of fate that the Pakistani rulers, ever since birth of this country, civilians or the military, have always succumbed to undue pressures from the US and the Britain, on different international issues. The intensity of pressurization from US, on Pakistan enhanced to an unbearable extent when US asked Pakistan to accept India as a regional ‘super power’. In other words US wanted Pakistan to accept Indian hegemonies to the extent that Holbrook asked Pakistan to let India to do a few “surgical strikes” on supposedly “terrorist’s camps” in Pakistan, soon after RAW and Mossad produced drama “Mumbai Carnage” was played. It was also being said that Zardari, succumbed to such an absurd demand from Holbrook, had also agreed but our patriotic armed forces straightway refused and threatened to treat it as an attack on Pakistan and told that if India did go for such an adventure, an appropriate and befitting response will be given to India. This is what USA and her Vice Royal of Pak-Afghanistan; Holbrook had the designs against Pakistan whom they call “an old ally” and a partner in “war-on-terror’. Holbrook probably knew that it was quite likely that unpatriotic Pakistani rulers might give permission of a few surgical strikes and under the cover of “surgical strikes” India would have gone for a full fledged attack on our nuclear sites. This is what USA’s “friendship is, that she is always keeping a dagger under the ‘cloak of its friendship’, to stab us in the back, any time.
However, coming back to the subject, late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto only in public meetings kept demanding for Plebiscite in Kashmir in accordance with the UN Resolution but his  daughter Benazir Bhutto not only accepted the offer of ‘talks’ but she even went to the extent of confederation with India under one President and one currency. May be she owed an obligation to US or to India. She preferred to seek help from those who were known enemies of Pakistan. In Simla agreement why Z A Bhutto accepted to rename ‘Cease Fire Line’ to ‘Line of Control’ and declared it as a bilateral issue is not understandable.
The well planned ‘Monkey Diplomacy’ of ‘talks’ is going on for the last 21 years without any results, as probably India waiting for the implementation of USA’s New World Order wherein Balochistan of Pakistan, along with Balochistan of Iran, has been made a separate country, NWFP including the northern areas of Pakistan have been added into Afghanistan and the whole of Kashmir has been shown as part of India. Although the ‘basic principle’ of the “New World Order” is to form new states on the basis of ethnicity of the population in the Middle and the South East but US being biased against Muslims has divided all the Muslim countries into small states but did not see that India is also made of more than a dozen ethnic groups out of which Kashmiris, Muslims, Sikhs, Tamils, Gujratis, Assamese, Bengalis, Biharis, Nagas, Mizos and the Chinese in the north east, are the major groups which could also form separate independent states.
The Indians being more cunning in diplomacy than Pakistan’s incompetent and dubious rulers as well as below-average intelligence level diplomats absorbed in foreign service on quota system, lost the Kashmir case that since the Simla agreement never saw light in any UN or Security Council meetings. Therefore it was relegated to a bilateral issue that could not be raised on international forums. Unfortunately in an apparent move, Pakistan also accepted the issue as a ‘Bilateral issue’ and to be resolved through ‘bilateral talks’. Why did Pakistan accept the change in the status of an issue already decided in her favour…? This is, in fact,  sheer incompetence of Pakistani rulers and the diplomats, which, one could only believe, had been done because of “vested interests” which prevailed upon national interests and nothing else. Is it the way that governments are run, without self-respect and accepting pressures and disgrace at any cost…? It doesn’t matter even if we are a small country but we have dependable resources, men and material, which may allow us to sustain feeding of our population at a much lower cost than what we are spending on imports and subsidies without aid, provided we have sincere and patriotic leadership.
The Indian diplomacy could be gauged from the fact that whenever India wanted has used the 3rd party’s intervention like in 1989 if India would not have sought help from US and Britain to pressurize Pakistan, she would have lost Kashmir but when the hard time passed and 7 heads of the states offered arbitration for the settlement of this long-awaited issue, India refused 3rd party arbitration. This is hypocrisy and “Monkey diplomacy”. Whereas Pakistan has always been clean in these affairs as she not only accepted UN Resolution of Plebiscite but also the arbitration offers made by different heads of the states of the world, including Nelson Mandela. Pakistan could never assert itself with force to get a third party arbitration or raise it at the United Nations.
The absence of self-respect and the intensity of incompetence, prevailing at all levels, are the dominating factors in failure of our foreign policy whether it’s with India, US, EU or the Muslim countries. India, taking the ‘plea’ of Mumbai mayhem, refused to resume ‘talks’,  but the Pakistani rulers from the President down to the level of minister of state as well, started begging before Indians and the international community to resume the ‘talks’. These politicians did not even feel disgrace for the country in asking, which was like begging, for resumption of “talks” as if India will offer Kashmir in a platter through the so-called ‘talks’, probably it shows their ‘blood-type’ in not thinking about disgrace and self-respect of the country, which comes up naturally before taking any step.
Indian refusal to resume ‘talks’ was a golden, God-given opportunity for Pakistan to kick-off and  to get rid of the Indian ‘cobweb’ of ‘talks’, moving even with the slower than snail’s speed for the last 21 years, therefore, should have demanded plebiscite or arbitration, in Kashmir, by a 3rd party, preferably through Nelson Mandela. But because of in-competency, prevailing at every level, Pakistan lost this opportunity and again fell down into the ‘traps’ of talks which are going on and on and on……..for the last 21 years.
Whenever India is cornered by some countries, whom she can not avoid, India somersaults saying that this is a ‘Bilateral issue’, between Pakistan and India, so we can not accept arbitration whereas India always call the same 3rd party for intervention when she has uncontrollable trouble in Indian-held Kashmir. So, this is also one of the several self-contradictions of India on Kashmir which I have mentioned in my article “Indian Self-Contradictions on Kashmir”. This is all “Bania diplomacy” of India because India CAN never say it a bilateral issue as it had been raised at the UNO by India herself, and the UNO resolved it with unanimous voting for plebiscite then how can she deny it and label it as a ‘bilateral issue’ which is just like throwing dust into the eyes of the international community.
More recently Indian Interior minister, on his visit to US asked USA to intervene and ask Pakistan to punish the (so-called) Pakistani non-state actors in Mumbai Attack. May I ask him if this is not a bilateral issue..? Why India asking for arbitration of 3rd party in this matter too…?
It is also being observed that whenever India gives schedule of ‘talks’ to Pakistan she gives the list of the agenda, the Kashmir issue is not specific and rather is in the last under the heading ‘other disputes’, giving least importance to this major issue despite of the fact that both the countries were about to go for a big nuclear war twice in the near future. Even on international forums Indian delegations walk-out, of the international forums, if Pakistan brings about the Kashmir issue, taking the plea that Kashmir is an integral part of India and why this issue is being raised here although this used to be like saying Day to night by India as how can India say like that about an issue which has been resolved at UNO level in 1948 and 1971, awaiting implementation. Moreover, now what did India say to the World Bank when India was refused development programme aid/loan by the World bank on the plea that Kashmir is NOT part of India and India did not come out with even a meager sound. Why..?
If we go back to the history of this problem we shall observe that the indigenous struggle of the movements for the independence of Kashmir has been made off and on by Kashmiri Mujahideen. And whenever India has been under severe pressure, by Kashmiri Mujahideen, she requested international community to intervene and ask Pakistan that the issue will be resolved through ‘talks’, despite of the fact that India has always been refusing to arbitration offers by seven heads of the state but when she is in real trouble India would go begging international community, the 3rd party, to intervene which was NOT acceptable for arbitration, this is called the Indian “Monkey Business”.
However, international community, the 3rd party, particularly UK, US and other EU countries, used to pressurize Pakistan to stop moral and material support to the Kashmiris Mujahideen as India has agreed to resolve the issue through ‘talks’. That is totally wrong approach not only of international community but of Pakistani rulers to accept this plea as because India always wanted to defuse and break the momentum of the freedom movement of Kashmiri Mujahideen, which used to be at its peak built after sacrificing of hundreds of (young) lives and property. Thus India has always been successful in befooling not only international community, the 3rd party, but the Pakistani rulers as well. The Pakistani rulers have been forgetting the saying of a Muslim Persian scholar “Aazmooda ra aazmoodan juhl ast” means, to test someone already tested is equivalent to illiteracy which is 100% correct in case of India and USA.
The international community, the champions and the flag carriers of Human Rights, have never realized the loss of precious human lives and the unrecoverable loss of property of Kashmiri Muslims as it has never happened once or twice but least a dozen times. The fact is that not only UNO but even the international community has been keeping their eyes blind on Kashmiris agonies because of the barbaric atrocities of Indian police and the seven divisions of army posted there.
China is the only country following the verdict of UN Resolution on Kashmir and hence refused issuance of visas to the citizens of Indian-held Kashmir, taking the plea that Kashmir is not a part of India, exactly as the World Bank has also told clearly to Indian government that Kashmir is NOT a part of India. The irony of fate is that despite being a party to this dispute, even Pakistan’s foreign office and its diplomats did not realize it and have been issuing visas to Kashmiris on Indian passports. Whereas all the countries of the world should follow the suite, thus should refuse issuance of visas on Indian passports like China. This is one of the jobs of the embassies which they should carry out along with other jobs. The Secretary General, Foreign affairs of Pakistan is supposed to take personal interest in perusing our embassies abroad.
India also played the ‘Drama’ of Mumbai Terror Attacks, killing its own innocent people and the put the total blame on Pakistan, hence, refused to talk on Kashmir issue, and rather talking of “punishing” Pakistan, in collaboration with USA. exactly as the USA played the ‘Drama’ of 9/11, killing its own people and then putting blame on Al-Qaida in Afghanistan, but surprisingly, after invading Afghanistan, USA came to know that Al-Qaida is in Pakistan exactly as she came to know the non-existence of WMDs after invading Iraq and killing and committing genocide of more than 3 million Muslims.
However, Pakistani leadership has weakened its position not only before India but before the world community as well by insisting, like begging, for ‘talks’ on Kashmir issue as in view of UN Resolutions of 1948 and 1971 Pakistan should insist on Plebiscite immediately and by asking India to come to the talks is weakening our own case, therefore, Pakistan should ask UNO, for implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir i.e. Plebiscite and take a firm stand on it, come what may.
As mentioned earlier, Pakistan should (1) Not to accept the new twist of India of labeling it as a bilateral issue and (2) should NOT go for talks on Kashmir issue at all as it has already been resolved in the United Nations in 1948 and 19971 with unanimous voting to hold Plebiscite in Kashmir. (3) There should No talks on any issue until the issue of Kashmir is resolved in accordance with UN Resolution, as Bhutto had taken this stance and no one in the present regime as well as in the opposition benches have that much caliber to over-rule Bhutto’s stance and view points about Kashmir and India. Therefore, by asking India to come to the talks is like off-setting the already decided United Nation’s Resolution of plebiscite, thus it would be tantamount to weakening our own case.
Pakistan should kick off the Indian stance to resolve the issue through “talks” or as she has made it a “bilateral issue”. The acceptance of Indian stance of “talks’ and the “bilateral issue” shows absence of caliber in Pakistani government that they have given-up its stand on the issue and has accepted Indian stance. Pakistan MUST insist for implementation of UN Resolution of 1948 and 1971 on Kashmir issue and NO less than Plebiscite, under any circumstances, whatsoever.
In view of Bill Clinton’s interview on Kargil affair, he said that both the countries were on the verge of nuclear war, on Kargil issue. He was right as it may happen, if not today may be tomorrow but it will if the Kashmir issue is not resolved. Therefore, now there are only two ways of resolving this issue, as the “talks” going on for the last 21 years have NOT been able to yield any results and these two ways, by virtue of which peace could be achieved in the sub-continent, are.
1. UNO should go for plebiscite in Kashmir without losing time or
2. Pakistan and India will go for a final war using as many nukes as they have, killing millions of innocent people on both sides and then the international community will decide the issue, the bone of contention, on merit and i.e. to hold plebiscite. So, isn’t it better, for UNO and the world’s so-called champions and flag carriers of Human Rights, to hold plebiscite before both these countries go for a horrible nuclear war?