KashmirOne of the regular readers has requested to share his report compiled with reference to KASHMIR day “5 Feb”. Same being published.

List of Indian Crimes
* India swallowed Junagarh on the basis of Hindu majority against the wishes of the Nawab* India swallowed Hyderabad on the basis of Hindu majority against the wishes of the Nizam* India conveniently swallowed Kashmir on the basis of the Hindu Maharaja ‘wishes’ irrespective of the Muslim majority’s wishes * India swallowed the princely state of Bantva-Manavadar and it 26 Muslim villages.* India overran Goan 4,000 Portugese outpost with 30,000 soldiers* India annexed Sikkim 

Gaping bullet wound

Gaping bullet wound

* India rampaged through the sacred Sikh Golden temple and Harminder Sahib of Amritsar with Russian made tanks, murdered Sikh minorty and humiliated its followers

* India’s ‘secular’ government watched while Hindu terrorists desecrated and destroyed Babri Mosque

* India committed a state-sponsored pogrom in Gujrat murdering 3000+ Muslims including Ehsan Jafri (a Muslim ex-Member of Indian Parliament) – arms chopped off and then lit on fire. Hindu mobs cut opened the wombs of pregnant Muslim women, took out the fetuses and hoisted them on Hindu trishuls.

* India sent her military to Sri Lanka and massacred both the Sinhalese and the Tamils in Velvettiturai and Trincomalee and named its contingent as IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force)

* India armed and supported Mukhti Bahini in East Pakistan.

* India has always supported “Baluchistan Liberation Army” and related terror outfits to destablise Pakistan.

* India invaded peaceful Siachen Glacier

* India started the South Asian nuclear arms race

* India swallowed Minicoy Islands

* India current concerns for Afghanistan are so genuine that it supported the illegal, immoral and brutal Soviet invasion. The entire free world protested while the India ‘non-aligned’ ‘democracy’ supported the wholesale murder of 2 million Afghans.

* India supported the Northern Alliance against the Pashtuns majority but condemns Pakistan for interference

* India started the nuclear provocation by testing nuclear weapons on Pakistan’s border

* India has slaughtered 130,000 innocent civilians in Kashmir

* India financed anti-Pakistan Northern Alliance

* India continues to stall resolutions with Bangladesh over river boundaries, hundreds of enclaves.

* India border forces have killed hundreds of Bangladeshi border guards.

* India continues to fence the disputed borders with Bangladesh regardless of the Bangladeshi protests.

* India maintains contested boundary sections with Nepal including 400 sq. km over the Kalapani River.

* India continues to stall negotiations on disputed territory in Sir Creek with Pakistan

* India continues to support the Dalai Lama to instigate the Chinese

* India has had a war with China and make bellicose statements about “cold start” wars with both China and Pakistan

* India respected the McMahon line with China but disagreed with the Durand Line with Pakistan

* India maintains an army of 700,000 soldiers 5 for each civilian in the Kashmiri valley

* India arrested the PRIME MINISTER of Kashmir in 1953

* India abolished Kashmir’s ‘Sadre-Riyasat’.

* India rejected UN proposals to keep 16000 troops until plebiscite is held.

* Indian forces have raped 9900 women in Kashmir

* India imposed an economic blockade on land-locked Nepal in 1989

* India has encroached on Nepali land on multiple occasions

* India overtly and covertly supported the insurgency against the state by LTTE, a nationalist Tamil group in the northern Jaffna region of this small island country of Sri Lanka, which kept it politically and economically destabilized for decades

* India interferes in Nepal’s internal affairs much to the latter’s discontent

* India murders millions of innocent, helpless female infants

* India suppresses a 150 million of its OWN citizens with the world most vicious form of discrimination: CASTE SYSTEM

Courtesy Media Point