By S. M. Hali

In connivance with US officials and CIA operatives, India is involved in slandering and defaming Pakistan and its premier intelligence agency “ISI”. The aim is to create negative perceptions in the minds of world public opinion builders about Pakistan insinuating against its Armed Forces and ISI. The methodology used to malign Pakistan for every evil that takes place in India is to blame ISI and assertively project it through all means of media. Their propaganda campaign includes coining appealing themes against Pakistan/ISI and running them effectively using renowned analysts. They hold seminars and write books on selective themes such as “Pakistan is supporting cross border terrorism in India”. India also offers huge amounts as honorarium to foreign authors for writing anti Pakistan/ISI articles, reports and books. Indian electronic media in collaboration with RAW runs live TV programs arranging focus-group-discussions and talk shows projecting Pakistan in bad light.

Recently (October 2011) a two days’ conference cum seminar on “The Challenges of Terrorism to India’s Infrastructure and Economy -11” was organized by Security Watch India (SWI), in Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi. Speakers from USA, Israel and UK were also invited to participate. Indian speakers blamed Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in India while the foreign speakers were mostly concerned about selling their new technology to India saying that old security equipment like CCTV cameras has become ineffective and need to be replaced with new technology. The Secretary of Internal Security in the Indian Union Home Ministry U K Bansal claimed that “Pakistan is trying to bleed India through a thousand cuts and the country's economic establishments are running the risk of being attacked, a top government official said today.” He stressed that "This (Jehadi) brand of terrorism is primarily sponsored by our neighbouring country in the west whose… policy is to conduct war against India by all other means and bleed us through a thousand cuts. This naturally includes the targeting of anything…with a view to damaging, degrading or destroying the engines of economic growth and critical centers of power and strength of our country."

  Quantum Note: Anti-Americanism

It is a matter of concern that the frequency of such seminars and lectures in India has increased where Pakistan is openly blamed for terrorist activities not only in India but also in other countries including Afghanistan. It appears that a coordinated effort by India and US to defame Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism is being launched to change world opinion against Pakistan.

Take the example of the Pakistani actress Veena Malik’s nude photograph appearing on the cover of December issue of Indian version of the British men's monthly magazine FHM with the alphabets “ISI” tattooed on her arm. The exposé caused a major furor in Pakistan but Indians hailed Veena Malik as “a hero, a champion of liberalism and of freedom of expression”. This is a crass example of using showbiz as a tool for propaganda.

Another malicious allegation is that the Indian print media is aggressively publishing false and fabricated stories to malign ISI for its alleged involvement in pumping fake currency notes into India, using network of crime syndicate headed by Dawood Ibrahim. The Time News Network India has recently published a story titled “Dawood Ibrahim helping ISI to pump in counterfeit currency in India”. As per the report maximum flow of fake currency in Maharashtra is attributed to Dawood Ibrahim’s network. The report further stated that Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangladesh borders are also used as major routes for pumping fake currency notes into different states of India including West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. It has also been claimed that Police has seized substantial number of fake currency from these states.


Indian print media openly propagates against Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency ISI asserting that it has allegedly deep relations with Dawood Ibrahim who is involved in spreading fake currency in India using criminal connections in the region. Indian spin masters should introspectively review their home ground where corruption and poverty are at their peak, rather than targeting Pakistan. In this regard Anna Hazare is once again getting geared up to pursue his anti corruption campaign against corrupt Indian criminals who indulge in bad business and find it convenient to blame ISI shrewdly connecting it with Dawood Ibrahim and its criminal network.

On the one hand, India is prepared to smoke the peace pipe with Pakistan, but on the other, it is continuing with its incessant barrage of allegations to malign Pakistan, which must stop to bridge the trust deficit.