The week ending December, 2009 has again opened many possibilities for the global nuke experts and IAEA to investigate the real troubles of Indian nuke plants. Year 2009 is also leaving number of unresolved questions regarding Indian nuke safety and security that might not be resolved even in 2010 also?  On second last day of 2009, a high intensity explosion at a chemical laboratory inside Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) took place which resulted into the death of two junior scientists, Umang Singh and Partha Bagh. Though Indian authorities claimed that no reactor, radioactivity or radiation was involved in the incident but severely charred bodies of the scientists and totally burnt equipment revealed that something very serious happened inside the plant. It is important to highlight here that BARC was started in 1954, as the Atomic Energy Establishment and apparently conducts the research in Biotechnology and Gama Rays.

The initial investigations regarding BARC failure has given three leads to solve the mysterious occurrence.
  • Firstly, Indian scientists might be carrying out some experiment on biological and chemical agents. The experiment failed and chemical reaction caused damaged to the lives of the scientists and the laboratory.  According to a world news agency staff working on the plants also heard the blast inside the project. The blast and condition of the death bodies do confirm that India is preparing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The preparation of WMD is the desired of Indian top military and political leadership. The intensity on this venture has been multiplied since self predicted Chinese threat on the border is being considered by the Indian leadership.
  • Second opinion could be that Indian scientists were yet to achieve expertise and hall mark in the nuke field. Their weak knowledge and causal attitude might become the reason of their death. But poor expertise of Indian nuke Programme has also put the lives of Indian and regional masses at stake. In this connection again we can noticed the lapses of security. There are reports that junior Indian scientists were busy in carrying out experiments on preparing some chemical and biological weapons but failed to tackle the situation because of their less experience. It was further reported that they even never have been guided by their senior colleagues. August 27, 2009 interview of senior nuke scientist K Santhanam, with “Times of India” confirms that nuke test at Pokhran II further endorse the weakness of Indian nuke programme. He admitted that the only thermonuclear device tested was a “fizzle”. The incidents of Kaiga, Pockran and now BARC do reflects that Indian nuke plants are real danger to humanity since her scientists are lacking requisite experience in this field.
  • Third version could be that some member out of nuke staff intentionally carried out some sabotage activities inside the plant with the purpose of killing some key members of the team. The two killed might be having some knowledge of on going Indian nuke proliferation and killed by the Uranium smugglers present on Indian nuke plants. Earlier also, on June 13, 2009 dead body of Indian famous nuke scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam was recovered from Kali River. The scientist was working on Kaiga Atomic Power Station for the last eight years. Reportedly, he was in possession of highly sensitive information and might be doubted for Indian nuke proliferation. Mahalingam was involved in training apprentices on a replica of the actual reactor.
However the exact cause of the fire has yet to be ascertained with some deliberate efforts to dig out the actual causes of repeated nuke incidents in India. As the frequent recurrences of this magnitude will not only endanger the Indian population but the spill over affects could bring harm to the region also. Thus IAEA should send some teams of expertise to inspect the Indian nuke plants to ensure safety of the people on and off the nuclear installations. Indian government should also carry out detailed investigations through global experts since some members of the police and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) of the centre could be involved in the frequent nuke accidents in India. Indian Prime Minister should not declare BARC incident as mischief and should seriously remove the weaknesses of the safety and security of Indian Nuke programme.
In fact, the incident of BARC need to be thrashed out seriously since India is already heading towards making WMD. So called think tank Bharat Verma, Editor Indian Defence Review has started propagating that China and Pakistan would be attacking India in 2012.  Indian scholars on their government directions are creating hype in the masses by design, since they  are trying to divert the public attention from their internal problems like poor nuke safety arrangements, ongoing separatist Maoist movement and regional issues like Khalistan, Kashmir, territorial disputes and water conflicts with the regional issue. Thus, we can deduce from the present media hype that India is preparing for global war, her propaganda campaign against China and Pakistan would be taken as her preemptive action against two allies. Chinese and Pakistan governments are already taking notice of new development in the region. Both the governments have the concern over increasing USA influence in Asia and Indo-USA Nuke Deal. American Nuke exerts do have serious reservations about the said deal since Indian nuke safety arrangements are very poor. India is already facing the charges of smuggling and theft of enriched uranium.

The world community should force India to open her Nuke Programme for regular inspections because the gravity of the threat posed to its immediate neighbours like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka because of the location of Nuke Plants. IAEA should act as a watchdog to ensure smooth and safe running of Indian Nuclear Installations; presently the fear created by RAW amongst the staff could cause some high magnitude disasters. In short the detail investigations are required to be carried out at Indian nuke programme, covering the type of weapons being made, safety arrangements, cause of abductions, murders and killing of nuke scientists and staff. Big question is ‘Is India involved in Nuclear Underworld?’