By Tariq Majeed

Some people may have been surprised to read this headline in The Nation, April 18, 2012: “Nawaz suggests unilateral Siachen withdrawal.” The story went on to say: ‘Talking to media and family members of the Gayari avalanche victims in Skardu, the PML-N president said, “The Pakistan government should take the lead, without waiting for an initiative from the Indian side. It is not a matter of honour,” as he called for withdrawing armies from the highest battleground.’

What made him so dismissive of the country’s vital strategic interests? Was it just ignorance? Yes, partly. But there was more to it. And it should cause no surprise. This was in keeping with his pro-India posture, the glimpses of which he has been displaying, of course cleverly camouflaged, for over fifteen years now.

A pro-India group of people, just like a group of Fifth Columnists, has existed in Pakistan since the country’s birth. Over the years both groups have increased their size and political clout. It is an embarrassing admission. But it is one of the major factors that are fuelling the dangers engulfing our country. So, it has to be revealed and recognized, no matter how bitter it is to our sensibilities. And it has to be tackled.

The Fifth Column functions according to its standard definition, that it is“an organized body sympathizing with and working for the enemy within a country.” Dictionary defines a Fifth Columnist as “a traitor, spy, a member of Fifth Column.” It should be noted that a Fifth Column exists in every country today.

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The pro-India group, over the years, has been moving closer, leaning ever more, toward India. The routine term pro-India now falls short of describing the close attachment of this group to India and the alignment of the self-centred interests of its members to India’s political interests. Besides, while in the past this group’s constituents in the form of political parties or influential individuals seemed to be acting separately now they act together as a lobby—that can only be described as an “unholy alliance.”  A more realistic and expressive term for this group is “India-Allied Lobby”. Those with deeper insight say a still more apt designation would be “India-Centric Lobby.”

Both these groups are seriously harming Pakistan’s interests and assets, while strengthening Hindu India in these spheres. It is not wrong to say that they are denting the very structure of our country. It is very disturbing, and also puzzling, to see that the patriotic people among the makers of national policies and public opinion are just letting this situation continue. Shouldn’t they be very worried about it? Isn’t it time for them, especially those who are custodians of the nation’s security and sovereignty, to identify and expose these elements and put a stop to the damage they are doing to this nation?

Actually, all the bigwigs in these Lobbies should be assessed in terms of their attachment, and service, to Hindu India. This brief’s focus is on the chief of Muslim League (Nawaz). If certain intelligent people find that they already knew about it, then let it be a reminder to them that they are overly late in taking action in this matter. On the eve of general election, the Muslim, 24 January 1997,Islamabad, published a revealing column by a retired brigadier. This is what he wrote:

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Despite Nawaz Sharif riding a reasonable wave and popular ground swell, his acceptability to the people that matter still seems questionable. Besides, the known reasons of lack of commitment, competence and integrity, the ‘Indian Connection’ seems to be the biggest hump for Mian Sahib.

Mian watchers confirm that he was picked up even before he actually started appearing on the political scene. Intelligence reports on Mian Sahib’s visit to India in 1978 question as to why this unknown businessman from Lahore, resting in Dubai, was given a red carpet treatment and political parleys arranged with senior members of the Indian intelligence-political elite?

However, when Mian Sahib’s interest in politics became evident in 1979, and he brought himself to the Senior Minister status in the Punjab Government in 1981 and made it to Chief Ministership in 1985, the pieces started falling into place. And as early as mid-1985, Mian Sahib had started working for the Prime Minister’s slot, hoping to sweep Punjab in the next election. However, unrelated reports but authenticated by late General Zia’s family confirm that had General Zia lived another week he would have dismissed Nawaz Sharif for his Indian Connection, and diminishing his prime ministerial chances for good.

This connection which was kept subdued in the 1988 elections, surfaced again in the 1990 elections. Mian Sahib discarded his main IJI ally, Jamaat-i-Islami, and went in for a bear hug with ANP [Awami National Party] and MQM [Mutahidda Qaumi Movement], the Indians dancing with joy. During his 3 years stint, 1990-93, Mian Sahib went soft on Islamization, retarded the nuclear option, expressed willingness to consider the ‘third option’ on Kashmir and was willing to recognize Israel, and when Nawaz Sharif had to finally bow out, the saddest were the Indians.  

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What gives marked significance and authenticity to this disclosure is that its author was a member of ISI staff when “the unknown businessman from Lahore” was being hooked by RAW. The Indian Agency which hosted Sharif’s 1978 trip to Delhi would have surely inspired him with some India-specific interests. But, it were RAW’s masters, CIA and Mossad, who had spotted and programmed him, like so many others from the elite cadres, to serve the Zionist Goals. It should be kept in mind that with the big brother eagerly embracing Indians seeking greater gains, can the younger one be far behind! Finally, it is submitted that a military takeover is not needed at all to tackle this and the other grave dangers. What is needed is full comprehension of the dangers’ main source, imagination to use all the resources and, most of all, the will to save the country.