There are two ways to check the website worth where it stands.

1. Google Page rank

2. Alexa rank

Google Page rank tells the worth of your domain, means that how many back links to your site, and how much importance google gives to you site. while in Alexa rank case is different , it depends on the traffic of your website.
google updated its page rank 2013
Advertiser also give importance to alexa rank while putting banner on your website.

There are two types of Direct Advertisement on website:

1. Banner

2.Contextual Ads

In Banner Advertisement, Alexa rank matter a lot, because it tells you the traffic of your website. If your website rank below 1,00,000 website, it will show the complete traffic analysis of your website and mostly advertiser judge either they put banner on your site or not from this analysis.

But in Contextual ads Alexa rank does not play any role, only Google Page rank matter a lot


What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa dot com tells your website information

How Alexa Rank is measured?

Alexa rank is measured from only those sites who have installed alexa toolbar on their browsers ( FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Secret of Alexa Rank Calculation:

Try to generate traffic through bloggers, it will boost your alexa rank.

Ten Tips to Increase your website Alexa Rank

  • Installing Alexa Tool Bar
  • Claim your site on
  • Put a widget of alexa on your site/blog
  • write review on alexa
  • Create Backlinks
  • Do Commenting on alexa listed websites
  • Do Social Media Marketing
  • Write Quality content on your blog
  • Update on Daily Basis
  • Follow Search Engine Optimization techniques for generating traffic.
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Alexa Company Profile

Alexa Internet is a subsidiary company of

Founder of this company is Bruce Gilliat & brewster kahile