Now many failed parties or those that are being threatened to be sidelined would be coming forward to form some alliance or some traditional turncoats would rush to get the party nominations; this Imran will have to see very carefully and not damage the spirit of PTI followers and supporters. Imran listen to your supporters they will guide you and you will never lose them otherwise it could be a one way ticket. 

By Raja G Mujtaba

In Lahore on Sunday, 30th of October was day of new hope for people of Pakistan. Meenar-e-Pakistan ground in the shadow of Badshai Masjid was filled beyond its capacity. Imran Khan silenced all his critiques, took the wind out of the sails of the political parties and got them into gloom like mourning. The crowd estimates are just estimates but those who were there put it around 300,000 people. All came at their own will showing their solidarity with Imran Khan wanting a change. People have shown complete distrust in the 2 party gang of PPP and PMLs. Nawaz Sharif has been outclassed in his own bastion, Lahore.

There were many new scenes witnessed in this mammoth flood of human sea that many are calling as a political tsunami that has frozen the spines of the power club of the political parties. The stage was decorated with a very simple backdrop but with a strong message. It was Pakistan flag with the portraits of Allama Iqbal and M A Jinnah; the founding fathers of Pakistan that the other parties had faded out from the Pakistan’s political thinking. This was a message appreciated by the civil society of Pakistan throughout the length and the breadth of the country. When Imran Khan made his speech, he made it amply clear that he believes in the ideology of Pakistan. Telling the crowd why he chose Lahore as his starting venue, he quoted Dr Allama Iqbal who said anyone who wins Lahore shall win Pakistan and then said that it was here in Lahore in March 1940 that Pakistan resolution was passed under the leadership of Quaide Azam and not forgetting that Usman Ali Hajveri popularly known as Data Sahib was also ordered to move to Lahore therefore it was thought proper to launch the movement from Lahore.

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Many factors have emerged that would drive Imran khan to be a real challenge and threat to status quo forces. Major factor being complete disillusionment of the masses with the existing political forces that are completely disconnected from the people and the realities. The leadership of both the major parties i.e. PPP and PMLs have developed a highly feudalistic attitude even towards their members of the parliament what to talk of a common man. All are busy making money and at very fast pace.

People are suffering, economy has collapsed, law and order is being deteriorated as a design to keep the people focused elsewhere while these parties in power can make a kill and eat the Caracas to the bones. All state run corporations like Pakistan Railways, Steel Mill, Pakistan International Airlines etc. are being strangulated to loss so that these can be sold out at peanuts.

Even at this moment, Pakistan’s generation capacity is 19000 MWs while demand is 15000 MWs then why only 11000 MWs are being produced? A shortage is being created to drive the industry away and convert Pakistan from an agrarian and industrial economy to consumer economy so that Pakistan is made a market for outside industries. This in turn is creating joblessness where people have resorted to self immolation etc.

These are some of the factors but not all that has made Imran an obvious choice for a change. Imran must concentrate on these issues to put a reversal and turn around the country from a disaster to a master of her own destiny.

Imran Khan was speaking like a mature politicians where he addressed all segments of society. Here is charismatic pull over the youth and the educated alike was very visible. The crowd was in a festive mood and chanting slogans willing to stay the whole night if the party rally was continued that long. It was the light and hope of change that pulled all over to the rally ground.

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Imran’s speech can broadly be broken up in three parts. One was purely focused on the internal situation where eradication of corruption and injustice from the society was his fundamental responsibility. He said there would be major reforms in Police structure and Revenue Collectors. Imran wants the Station House Officers to be elected like the American Sheriff. All the practices of the West cannot work in Pakistan, we need to study it in our context. The British system of Zaildar and Numberdar proved its merit, it would be in the better interest to bring the system back to its original pedestal and let it function with full government support. While it was in vogue, law and order situation was close to 100%.

When an election is held, stakes go very high; each contestant spends huge amounts of money that not only has to be recovered after the election but many times more are to ensure the future elections to be held. To reduce corruption, the role of money has to be reduced or eliminated completely, without doing so, corruption cannot be eliminated.

Then talking on economic recovery he said he would curtail reliance on foreign aid and loans. Indigenous resources would be exploited, agriculture and industrial economy needs to be strengthened and expanded. He mentioned about the abundance of coal reserves, gold, silver and other mineral resources that can turn around Pakistan’s economy. He said that Pakistan has the potential to produce 60,000 MW of hydel power.

His third major area was the focus of his foreign policy. He wants friendship with all but with honour and dignity. A clear message was sent to the US on this issue. He told them that no more army operations and drone attacks. Pakistan cannot take any more beating on his account. Pakistan can help America for an honourable exit but would never support her expansionist and hegemonic designs in the area. This message has made some heads spin in the American Corridors of power.

After a longtime, a message was sent to India over Kashmir issue, he reiterated that after coming into power, he would extend all moral and political support to the freedom fighters of Jammu and Kashmir. India must remove her close to a million troops from Kashmir and the people of Kashmir must be given their fundamental rights.

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Imran also emphasized to further the relations with China to a new height for the mutual benefit of both the countries. While talking about China he also announced that after this rally, he is leaving for China at the invitation of the Chinese government. Now with American and NATO ingress in Africa and their designs to move into Central Asia to contain China, it has become imperative for the Chinese also to further strengthen her ties with Pakistan so as not to concede her interests to US and NATO.

When Imran is talking of transforming relationships in a transforming world why he did not mention Russia is best known to him but seeing some emerging realities, Russia is getting back into the seat of influence.

Having said all this, now Imran needs to announce his shadow cabinet of experts who should form sub groups to develop and focus on all emerging issues. To begin with he should announce groups on Judiciary, Foreign Relations, Defence, Finance, Trade and Commerce.

During his rally, it would have been much in line to have afforded some non-Muslim Pakistanis of standing to come on the stage and address the crowd. He has some highly qualified and dedicated Pakistanis amongst non-Muslims also. This would have been a silencer for all such forces that project Pakistan as a non tolerant country. This would have also reflected a true Jinnah’s Pakistan.

Now many failed parties or those that are being threatened to be sidelined would be coming forward to form some alliance or some traditional turncoats would rush to get the party nominations; this Imran will have to see very carefully and not damage the spirit of PTI followers and supporters. Imran listen to your supporters they will guide you and you will never lose them otherwise it could be a one way ticket.