“When I think that Pakistan has come into being, it gives immense satisfaction to my soul; it was a difficult task, I could not have accomplished it alone. In doing so the blessings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were with me; now it’s our responsibility that we fulfill our obligation by following Khulfae Rashideen so that Allah fulfills His promise and award us the rule over earth.” M A Jinnah Sept 1948

By Raja G Mujtaba

December 25 2011 has become historical. It did not pass as a lip service to celebrate the birth anniversary of the founding father of Pakistan.

Karachi saw a mass movement of people to make a new Pakistan; it was a nascent remembrance of Pakistan movement. It brought everyone to the rally; all ethnic barriers were dismantled when people of every ethnic background poured into the rally. MQM rallies in Karachi are said to be huge but the participants are brought out under the order of the sector commanders and there is no shine or spirit on their faces. Their rallies were dwarfed by the PTI turnout. Whereas PTI participants came out in hordes, families after families participated to express their solidarity. Today PTI has emerged as a true national party. PML (N) is confined to the Punjab only and PPP in Sind is taken as a provincial party. Bothe the main stream parties have lost their lackluster.

Some strong messages were also sent across the globe; those who have been talking of Pakistan as a failed state have gone into a shock. Those writers who were working for the foreign masters and trying to paint a doomsday scenario for Pakistan have been made to eat a humble pie. Karachi rally has proved to be a turning point.  It was not just about a million people who attended the rally in person; all roads leading to the rally point were jam packed for miles and miles, in many places huge screens were erected for people to watch. At the rally time, all streets in Pakistan gave a deserted look, shops had no customers and people had rushed to their homes who did not want to miss any glimpse of the rally; foreign media carried it around the world to update their viewers.

 All along I have maintained that Pakistan is here to stay, it cannot be defeated nor dismembered. I have said this in many gatherings 

and even on my TV Talks on various channels. Pakistan was created by the will of Allah, hence He would look after it but we have some rough times to bear. When Asif Ali Zardari assumed the office and his corrupt practices and his efforts in selling out Pakistan, I termed this as the lowest ebb in our political history; I was confident that it cannot go any lower than this, if it does then it would fragment but Allah does not wish it that way therefore I could see Pakistan recovering after the end of this corrupt rule. Today I can see Allah through His miracles; Pakistan is turning around from a hopeless and the deepest despondency into a vibrant and mighty Pakistan. Karachi rally was first visible sign of Allah’s miracle. I pray and hope that there are no disappointments or setbacks.

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The rally witnessed some real strong emotional scenes, people had tears with happiness and hope, a dejected nation that had sunk in despondency sprang to life; rally had a very strong presence of women, youth and those members of the society that had completely disassociated themselves from politics in disappointment and frustration.

This was a record gathering at the mausoleum of Jinnah, the founding father. The nation celebrated his birthday with a true resolve to fulfill his dream. Pakistan is witnessing a rebirth, a new Pakistan, a Pakistan that’s the dream of every Pakistani cutting across cast, creed and culture. People had come from far off distances to participate in the rally, one such participant is Shabana Faryal who raises funds for PTI has come all the way from Georgia, USA. She was preparing to make a difference by her participation, she was not alone and she had the spirits of those who could not attend. Talking to her on telephone she said, “Karachi rally for which I worked so hard over the social websites has made me feel proud about Pakistan.”

Another person Tariq Saeedi, who had come from Central Asia, says he had lost hope in Pakistan, would cry in pain but seeing this rally his hopes have come back, he says he saw a Pakistan in the eyes of the masses who had thronged there in hundreds of thousands and he felt Pakistan in the words off all the speakers. The speakers sounded truthful and they showed pain in their hearts. His only fear was that the leader should not get carried away with this wave of popularity.

Making speeches, even the leaders got emotional. Javed Hashmi, a senior politician was in pain when he was talking to the gathering.

 He declared himself a ‘Baghi’ a rebel. He has rebelled against the system, against the plight of the people, the state of the country, the clouds of despondency and sinking hopes. He rebelled from his parent party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). He placed his 40 years of political career at the disposal of the future of the country. During his speech, he cautioned Imran khan saying, “Imran you have invited a rebel to your party, if you don’t deliver this rebel would rebel against you.” After this he started to chant, “main baghi hoon, main baghi hoon,” meaning that ‘I am a rebel, I am a rebel.’ This had the whole rally on the feet, everyone present started to chant in same rhythm. Javed Hashmi was the darling of the crowd.

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Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the former foreign minister in his own style captivated the crowd, he brought the cat out of the bag, he did not carry it like Bhutto’s Tashkent cat that never came out of the bag. He explained how the Pakistan’s strategic weapons were not safe with Zardari, he warned that 

Zardari is more than eager to compromise the nukes that are protected under five layers of command and control. The safety of Pakistan’s nukes is second to none. It has foolproof mechanism that no one can break. When he questioned the masses are they willing to compromise nukes, the whole crowd roared ‘NO, NO, NO.’ He held the present government very weak and compromising to American and Indian demands. He said that Pakistan wants friendship both with America and India but would not accept a slave status. To confirm this he got the crowd to acknowledge that Pakistan would not accept slavery and he sounded this message to Washington.

The two stalwarts, Javed Hashmi and Shah Mahmood Qureshi has made the PTI backbone very strong. Today Nawaz Sharif is regretting for keeping Hashmi in the background. Besides these two, joining of Azam Swati who not only resigned from the Senate but

Imran Khan’s address was preceded with a recording of Quaid’s speech, which was honouring the founding father. After this recording, Imran spoke and gave his roadmap. He wowed to end corruption in 90 days in which none would be spared. He apologized to the people of Balochistan for the excesses committed against them. He promised to address and resolve all their issues and grievances, a right step that was long overdue.

His major policy announcement was to establish an Islamic Welfare State on the lines of Khulfae Rashideen; this is a welcome statement, this would reduce the gap between the rich and the poor where all would be equal before the eyes of the law. Here I would suggest the following measures to bring about a visible and quantum shift in that direction:

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·         Introduce the recommendations of Islamic Ideology Council that has comprehensive papers ready to be implemented; it would go a long way in making Pakistan an Islamic Welfare State.

·         Abolish ‘Riba’ forthwith, as this is not only a declared war against Allah and His apostle but Prophet (PBUH) declared it as sleeping with one’s mother.

·         Eliminate VIP culture as this is the core of all corruptions and human injustice.

·         Justice Taqi Usmani should be taken on the Advisory Panel, he is an authority on all Islamic jurisprudence.

·         Renounce all laws and clauses from the constitution that are repugnant to Quran and Sunnah including clause 248. Under the Islamic law even the Caliphs were not provided any immunity, Hazrat Umar (RA) had to appear in the court thus how can any president or prime minister be accorded any immunity for his crimes?

·         PTI must be careful about those who are joining now, there would be corrupt, plants and opportunity seekers in that; some such people have already joined PTI and assumed offices also. If the shadow cabinet is announced on 23rd March in Quetta, this would shut out all opportunity seekers.

In a very short time, PTI has come from behind and become the leading political force of the country, it has rung alarm bells all around.

 There is a saying in Punjabi ‘lakon pha lag gai’ meaning that PTI’s popularity graph is giving nightmares to others who have been hung by their waists. As Imran says that Allah has taken Suo Moto he must also remember that it entails an unfathomable burden on his shoulders. People have reposed a trust in him that can only be surpassed Mr. Jinnah’s leadership. Expectations have gone very high; a small error could spell disaster not only for him personally but for the country as a whole. Allah provides opportunity only once; it must be used very carefully in the best possible interest of not only of Pakistan but humanity at large.

Talking to people and obtaining their views, all were very positive but had some reservations; they question that why Imran Khan quotes Europe etc. as a welfare model when Islamic history is so full and after all the Europeans adopted it from Islam.

Pakistan being a Muslim nuclear power should become a true Islamic State. The potential and strengths that Allah has given to Pakistan are not without a meaning. Hakeem al Ummah, Allama Iqbal said that Allah wishes to assign some rare responsibilities to this nation.