By R R Tanoli

This is one of the worst and the most awkwardly embarrassing Independence Day I have ever witnessed in my life because today I am not able to protect and save the belongings of My Father. Someone has torched my entire heritage on a day which is celebrated as Father’s Day worldwide. My father’s assets were the only sweet memories of my perturbed life and used to give me hope for achieving the goals you assigned to me and for which you had devoted your whole life for my better future. Memories need to be shared and this is what I have left for my own son. Sharing heritage of those we’ve lost is how we keep them from really losing them, but today I have lost everything to share.

I am sorry Quaid e Azam “The Father of the Nation”

Pakistan has a turbulent history since its inception. The most unfortunate thing that happened to Pakistan is the bulk of traitors always trying to denigrate the very existence of Pakistan. Some factions in our society including intelligentsia are tempting people against the ideology of Pakistan and misinterpretations of the Two Nation Theory cause severe damage to the solidarity and enhancing hatred among the masses. Let me refine the concept and define the difference between Two nation theory and the Ideology of Pakistan. The concept of the Two Nation Theory is the basis of Muslim “nationhood” while the ideology of Pakistan is the basis of “statehood”. The concept of Two nation theory is very much similar to the Muslim nationhood (Caliphate) which differentiate Islamic ideology from any other ideologies of the world and its practical manifestation is very much similar to the concept of the new type of confederations just like the EU. The Muslim community is the vast swathes of territory, extending from east to west but spiritually linked with each other with a distinct Weltanschauung but first of all we need to stabilize the very basic element of this new type of confederation that is the stability Islamic state. The ideology of Pakistan comes under the heading of political ideologies and each and every state in the world has its own ideology which holds its own certain set of ideals, rules, principles, social movements and institutions to explain how society should be organized and the appropriate means to achieve their national interests. We can say that Two nation theory is the basis of ideology of Pakistan, not vice verse. Before partition, we were united against the Hindus on the basis of the Two Nation Theory but now we need to be “United for Pakistan” on the basis of ideology. The former concept ended in 1947 whereas ideology still exists in Pakistan’s context.

  Pakistan being shrouded

King George V (King of the United Kingdom, reigned from 1910 -1936) simply made a rule by stating that the easiest way to recognize traitor is that when your army is in a state of war then just mark those who all are raising fingers against your forces regularly and kill them all otherwise your army will lose the battle soon in the forward trenches. We also have to mark the people within us. Why is Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, not awarded to anybody else on the highest human endeavor? Because the one who had received this always sown the seeds of hatred among the masses. Friends of Bangladesh cannot be our friends because of the contributions of their forefather in the disintegration of this nation. Why are we sending flying kisses to India and singing the songs of “Aman ki Asha” in spite of their ruthless and shameful behavior against our solidarity and hidden hands in Balochistan. The irresponsible attitude of few media personnel tarnished our image in the international forum. They all are traitors of Pakistan!

Taliban led militancy, nationalist insurgency; ethno-political violence and sectarian violence in Pakistan are all the factors against our unity and there are many evidences which have demonstrated the interference of foreign hands to serve, support and nurture these elements against Pakistan. The government should take stern actions against all these separatist movements including Balawaristan, Pashtunistan, Sindhu Desh and the Greater Balochistan concept to prevent clashes and conflict. But unfortunately our establishment has learnt nothing from the past and continues to tread the path which led to the separation of East Pakistan. All over the world new methods are adopted to combat with terrorism through latest criminal investigation techniques but unfortunately in Pakistan the methods are same as being in the past.

  Hezbollah; will you support Palestinians Right to Work?

It is impossible to resolve any problem on the political forum. Our leaders are selected on the basis of kinship and it is the sole cause of our catastrophic political development. The fact is cogently explained by Anatol Lieven in his book “Pakistan; A hard country” that “Defense of the honor and the interests of the kinship group usually outweighs loyalty to a party, to the state, or to any code of professional ethics, not only for ordinary Pakistanis, but for most politicians and officials. It is therefore important to understand that much Pakistani corruption is the result not of a lack of values (as it is usually seen in the west) but of the positive and ancient value of loyalty to family and clan.” Therefore politically and socially it is a frivolous pursuit to attain any kind of revolutionary good.

There are many vulnerabilities that undermine the security of Pakistan and has been exploited by our enemies. First of all there is a desperate need to reform our educational system in order to produce critically aware citizens so that they do not fall prey to the conspiracies. Government, civil society, Armed forces, LEAs and media should be on one grid in order to tackle the tangled affairs.  Let’s pray our future may not be like our turbulent past.