By Naveed Tajammal

Such Tattoos are prevalent in the US or Russia

If you take the term, Illuminati’ from the Arabic point of view, it better interprets, its meaning, illum’ means light/knowledge, and ‘i’ of the, and ‘nati’ denotes, Satan, ‘Iblis’ and his associates, which would mean, knowledge of Lucifer and his associates. It is a human failing to go in the riddles of unknown, and more they be twisted, the better liked.

The west is ever obsessed to own all past knowledge, hence takes credit for all, and everything eventually has to be linked with Latin or Greek Languages and its related Literature and Mythology. Such is the case here too, hence ‘Illuminati’ is declared to be the plural of Latin word, ‘illuminatus’ or enlightened. To keep the Greeks happy, The birth of Illuminati is attributed to ‘Pythagoras’ the Greek [570 BC] born on the Greek island of ‘Samos’, but it is stated that he was taught to perform the miracles, by a Greek mystic,’Pherecydes’, who technically introduced Pythagoras, to the Doctrines of the Illuminati, meaning thereby, that, it had existed in some form before too.

Pherecydes, introduced Pythagoras to the high priests of Egypt, and after pherecydes died, the pupil sailed off to Egypt, and were he met, the inner circle who taught, him, the mysteries, and advanced mathematics, Which were the high priests of ‘Heliopolis [city of Sun or Ain Shamsi, one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt],and ‘Memphis,[south of Cairo] and Thebes [Waset / the city of the scepter],the pupil was, also taught Astronomy by the Chaldean’s, The Geometry by the Phoenicians, and the Occult knowledge by the Persian ‘Magi’. Here in Persia Pythagoras also met ,’Zarathustra’ the prophet of the Zoroastrians.

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To make Pythagoras, the part of Latin world it is attributed that, he moved with his disciples and knowledge to ‘Croton’ in south Italy, and Illuminati is re-born, here, and Pythagoras became the First Grand-master. And he would address the public from behind a screen / curtain, only those who had graduated in the levels of mystery had access to him, and were so called the ”Mathematikoi” or the Mathematicians, those who were ;listeners only were termed as,’akousmatikoi’. A secret language, and numerical codes, symbolic messages, initiation rites, special handshakes, compasses & set squares, tools of mathematics were the symbols-as seen in the Masonic lodges.

The downfall of this order was swift and Pythagoras was hounded / hunted and put to death.

It is now being propagated that the movie serial ‘Matrix’ the latest visual propaganda adopted by this, lot, denotes or explains the world as envisaged by Pythagoras, which is a array of numbers and symbols, machine codes, cascading down the computer screen.

All this is being done to create the element of doubt in the young minds, that, the mystery religion, of Illuminati, is about the actual truth, the ultimate transformation, and which if, followed opens the third inner eye.

The ninth edition of the encyclopedia Britannica, volume xii pages 706-707,on the subject of origin of Illuminati, has this to state.

”Illuminati or the enlightened, is a tittle, which at different times, has been assumed by various sects or orders of mystics, on the ground of superior knowledge of God, and of divine things which they claimed. A mention is made, of the Spanish ‘Alumbrados’ who arose in 1520,and lasted a 100 years, yet another sect under the same Illuminati emerged, in south of France in Picardy,1623 AD, and goes underground and re-surfaces, in 1722 in France and continues till 1794.In Germany it emerges in 1776,with Adam Weishaupt, but he called his order as the ‘Perfectibilists’,they were free-thinkers. This order followed a strict system of secret confessions, and monthly reports counter-checked by mutual espionage, in the enlistment  special focus was to induct young-men of wealth, rank and social standing. As they grew they joined the Masonic lodges of Munich and Freising. They were divided in three classes, novices [ minervals],second class were the masonic members and last the mystery class, who were further divided in two grades of priests and regents and of ‘Magus’ and kings. Each member was assigned a classical name, and all official correspondence done in cypher, to increase the ‘Mystification’.

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Though the numbers never exceeded 2000[two thousand] yet they were spread from Italy to Denmark and from Warsaw to Paris. Even people like Von Goethe [1749-1832] ,approved of this order as is seen, in portions of his work ‘Wilhelm Meister’, as they were in accordance with the taste of the time period. The order died and went underground after a rapture irrupted ,1784 ,between two leaders of the masonic lodge, i.e Weishaupt and Adolph Freiherr Knigge [1752-1796] a German writer and a free things came out in open, the Bavarian Government was forced to pass a edict, banning the activities of this order, and most were imprisoned, and Weishaupt was Banished.

The lodges now shifted their orbit to France and we, find emergence of a Martinez Pasqualis, and in Russia, led by professor Johann Georg Schwarz [1751-1854],they both continued their Cabalist rituals.

It seems that ,the present terrorist, found dead in, the Peshawar terrorist attack, with skull and horns of Iblis, tattooed on his back, & with a Russian background is a disciple of this order. After all the new world order, needs to establish its writ by terror alone. while, the grand masters, of the masonic lodges, behind the curtains, preach the mysteries of unknown.