By Naveed Tajammal

Ikram Seghal, has stated in one of his recent articles published in a English newspaper, that Pakistan and india need to avoid shortsighted policies for political point-scoring or short term gains, however it is his methodology of presentation which irks the most. Ikram does quote the IWT ( Indus water treaty 1960) like most do, without bothering to read the 22 pages of the treaty and the 82 of the Annexures A to H, wherein the theme line is the INTENTIONS of either party. Ikram, for reasons best known to him quotes of only 4 Indian dams built on our share of the western rivers as defined in the IWT. Unknown to him, only on Indus which he has completely forgotten to mention there are 12 dams beside a massive tunneling in the Ladakh region, on the Indus from where our waters are being stolen by the Indians diverted in the new canal networks developed by the Indians for their southern regions. Ikram does highlight Baglihar, Uri-1, Uri-2 and Kishanganga.

Ikram laments the loss of our waters too, and states Indian dams have taken its toll, but the snide remark that in case they collapse, meaning thereby, if, we blow them to bits, the tidal flood wave unleashed will ruin our cities as well the farmlands, therefore we must bear, them and talk of peace alone, in the same breath states that actual culprit is the bad weather, the same chant is time again of late been highlighted by the Indians too, however they never cease building dams and canal networks, as is seen, now Ikram further states in the same article, “This issue has been politicized to such an extent that the level of mistrust has soared to new heights especially on the Pakistani side.” Meaning thereby Indians stand exonerated and  Pakistani's are the bad lot, one wonders on whose side is Ikram Seghal anyway ????

  Propaganda against Pakistan's Nukes

Ikram, to further substantiate his argument now quotes another writer in his defence, according to him, one Gordon McKay, a professor of environmental engineering at the Harvard university, whose article, ”War and peace on Indus” had been published in an English daily.

But little does, our self proclaimed defence and political analyst know that, the actual author of the said article was  John Briscoe, who is, a GORDON McKAY, professor of environmental engineering at the Harvard university !! and that the actual Gordon McKay, was a inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, and best known, for his development of machinery that revolutionized the manufacture of ''Footwear'', who had in order to bolster the school of engineering and applied sciences at Harvard university in 1891, left his whole fortune in trust, with the university which is now worth  $ 500 million, Ikram does praise again for reasons best known to him alone, the peace efforts of General Pervaiz Musharraf, with Indians, during his period of rule 1999-2008,little does Ikram know that the maximum number of Indian dams and canal networks, in the Indian held Kashmir, had been started in the same period !! what had been sown, then, we, reap today, that peace has cost us dearly, as by 2014,  if the Indian dams at the pace of their development are left unchecked will render more then 5.6 million acres of our fertile farm lands Arid.

Lastly let me quote in the end the words of Adolf Hitler, page 364 ( mein kampf),

“'If Politics means history in making, then our way of teaching history


stands condemned, by the way we have conducted our politics”