I-10 is place where i spent more than twenty years of my life. I love this place a lot. My schooling was also here. My mostly friends belong to this place. Let me tell you few things about this sector, which make you astonishing.

It’s only sector in Islamabad which you can say most affordable and located at premium location. It’s in between of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  All important places are very near to this place.

Airport is just 20 Minutes drive from I-10. Blue Area is also for only 15 Minutes Drive and same distance with Saddar, Rawalpindi. If  you are living in I-10 then many places are just far by walking distance like Metro Cash n Carry, Sabzi Mandi and Pirwadhi Bus stand.

First, i introduce this sector with you. It consists of four sub-sector as usual to others. I-10/1, I-10/2, I-10/3, I-10/4.

I-10/3 is  an industrial sector while others three are residential one. The most famous and peaceful sub-sector is I-10/2.

Famous Markets are:

  • Rajput Market
  • Al-Qamar Market
  • Hussain Market
  • Al-sheikh Market
  • Shahbaz Market

I-10 Markaz is located in the middle of this sector, which make easy for every sub sector resident for access.It’s not so big like F-10 Markaz but also not tiny one like I-9 Markaz.

You can find some big stores and shops at this venue.I mentioned few of them below:

Bakery’s & Sweet’s

  • Al-Safa Bakers
  • S.S Bakers
  • Fresico Sweets
  • Dhaka Sweets
  • Gourmet Baker


  • Hassan Kabana
  • Dalan Hotel
  • Lahori Restaurant
  • Muhammadi Nehari Center

Electronics Stores

  • Zee Video
  • Ibrahim Electronics
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  • Dr. Afzaal Clinic
  • Fatima Lab
  • Dr. Wajahat
  • Govt Dispensary in I-10/4
  • CDA Dispensary in I-10/1

Medical Stores

  • Al zahid Chemist
  • Raza Medicos
  • Qureshi Medical store
  • Afradi Medical store


  • Allied Bank
  • Meezan Bank
  • Soneri Bank
  • Faysal Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • NIB Bank
  • Bank Al Habib


  • Islamabad Junior Model School, I-10/2
  • Islamabad Model School , I-10/2
  • Islamabad Model College For Girls I-10/4
  • Islamabad Model College For Boys I-10/1
  • Islamabad Model School I-10/1

Private Schools

  • Modern Language School
  • Anglo Oriental School
  • Aqram School
  • Jinnah Public School
  • National School
  • Iqra School
  • Jinnah Public School

It’s not a place, where i born. It’s place where my everything belong.

Football ground is very famous,where different teams play regularly.If i said, It’s national game of I-10, then i am not wrong.

Property Prices

In I-10/2, all plots are size of 25*60 and it’s very difficult to get vacant plot because only 8-10 plots are left. All others are built.

The Price range of House in I-10/2 is around 8 Million to 15 Million.

In I-10/1, You can get different sizes of plots and houses:

25*40, 25*60, 25*50 and 30*70.  The Area Beside Petrol Pump consists of all 25*40 Plot sizes while the area behind the Markaz is of 30*70 Plot sizes.

I-10/4 Less populated area of I-10 Sector.  Only 600 Houses constructed. I-10/3 is full of Industrial area where different factories and warehouses exists including Karachi Steel Rerolling Mill.

Chambeli Road

Beauty of I-10/2 is chambeli road. It’s a green belt between 2 and 3 sub sector of I-10.

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