"The traitors should never be spared no matter how mighty they maybe; the ones who spare them become one of them" Raja Mujtaba

By Raja G Mujtaba

Since long Husain Haqqani has been under shadows for his dubious activities in Washington DC. He was first noted for his undesired activities when he issued visas to American contractor Blackwater in block. This noise was so loud that it was echoing from every direction. In this noise the names of Asif Ali Zardari and Rahman Malik were in the forefront. With all the noise, Rahman Malik kept on denying their presence. He went to the extent that if “Backwaters’’ presence was established in Pakistan, he would quit politics.

Pakistan-US relations took a visible twist when Raymond Davis was arrested for gunning down two Pakistanis. America went all out to get him diplomatic immunity that was being supported strongly by Asif Zardari and Rahman Malik who were consistently emphasizing for his immunity. Nawaz Sharif played a critically dirty role when Senator John Kerry who had come, briefed by Husain Haqqani about blood money, met him at his Raiwind Palace. There, Nawaz Sharif had assured him that Raymond Davis would get his freedom by paying ‘blood money’ but he needed a little time. When Raymond was freed it was a dramatic twist to the whole proceedings, Rana Sanaullah, the Law Minister in Shabaz Sharif’s cabinet was negotiating the deal with the families of the slain. Rana Sanaullah and one murdered belonged to same city of Faisalabad.  Rana Sanaullah lived to his reputation and moving in complete secrecy compelled the legal heirs of the deceased to accept blood money and forget about joining the anti American national sentiment movement. Punjab government of Shabaz Sharif, provided all sorts of comforts and services to the American killer as if he was a VIP.

Not only was the wind taken out from the national emotions but Pakistani people stood humiliated in the entire world. Raymond Davis was flown to Bargaram Air Base in Afghanistan from where he had another drone strike on a Tribal Jirga in FATA where about 20 elders were killed.

This move also served the Zardari agenda and American alliance that Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the foreign minister who had refusedto sink the national pride by endorsing his diplomatic immunity. Raymond was a CIA contractor and the country head, his passport was a clear evidence of his status. Why Rahman Malik was so determined to get him diplomatic status needs to be investigated.  Along with it must also be made public as to what special services were rendered by Richard Armitage who was awarded Hilal-e-Pakistan by Asif Ali Zardari or was he instrumental in placing Zardari in the Presidential chair?

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Davis killed with bullets and through organized drone attacks, no matter how many he killed or got killed were damages of a lesser degree but the game that Haqqani was into was a doomsday scenario for Pakistan.

 Husain Haqqani is a very sharp, intelligent and dicey personality. He worked his way to Washington in a crafty manner. He had some higher goals and objectives; he wanted to be the part of the world gang of rulers. He was making all the right moves to serve the American interests and objectives through Pakistan. He was keen to provide all facilities to the Americans and in return be placed as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As reported by Abdul Malick, Haqqani hosted a dinner for a few visiting dignitaries from Pakistan to which some Americans were also invited. During the discussion, at one point, Ambassador Haqqani startled the visitors from Pakistan when he said that the Americans had identified 362 military targets in Pakistan, including 28 in and around Islamabad alone. These targets, according to the shared discussion, included even the residences of hawkish military decision makers and security related installations. And then he also boasts saying, “Every time I have a candid discussion with them (Americans), and that is why they trust me. At the end of my meetings, I leave the FO brief telling them it was my official duty to hand over this pack of official lies.” If this is true, then certainly Haqqani was planning to explode a fatal blow to the very existence of Pakistan for which he should never be forgiven.

Haqqani has been instrumental against Pakistan from one incident to other. When 2nd May operation was carried out and the whole nation was put to shame through a surprise move, Haqqani had an article in Washington Post supposedly written by Zardari on the very next day, hailing this as a great victory. Killing of OBL till today remains a deep shrouded mystery. This article, supposedly written by Zardari could not have been published unless it was placed with the paper beforehand. This smart act of Haqqani, drew a sharp media criticism but there was no denial or condemnation from the President House; even Yusuf Raza Gillani declared it to be a great victory.

As a result to this attack, a deadly terrorist attack was carried out on passing out parade of Frontier Constabulary where 80 cadets were killed. The attackers declared it as a revenge for killing OBL in Abbottabad.  The situation was further complicated for Pakistan when PNS Mehran was attacked in Karachi where two P3 C Orions were lost as a result.

Haqqani is a close associate of Zardari and Rahman Malik; all three were on a ‘mission impossible’ to work with other American assets for letting the American agenda go unchecked even if it meant breakup of Pakistan. This has been further substantiated by Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who addressing a mammoth gathering at Ghotki, said that as ex foreign minister of Pakistan, ‘I say with authenticity that Pakistan’s nukes are not safe under Zardari.”

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About Rahman Malik, enough has been said by Mirza Zulfiqar that can get him indicted. Here, what further confirms these doubts is when so much has been said against Rahman Malik and MQM; nothing unnerves Zardari to deseat them and order. This is further confirming people’s doubts that Zardari is part of the game plan. Quoting an old associate of Zardari who said, ‘One can analyse and filter down the president’s power- politics doctrine to four basic principles.

1)      First rigid political principle is that there are no rigid principles in politics.

2)      If there is a problem then throw in concessions and money and ‘buy’ a solution.

3)      Do not resist an irresistible force.  

4)      Do not give in until a force becomes irresistible”.

After removing Haqqani, as being talked, Zardari and Gilani took no time in nominating Sherry Rahman as the new ambassador to the USA. Her nomination is being questioned; reportedly other parties at stake have not been consulted. Some people opine that Sherry Rahman talks of peace and regional cooperation. By regional cooperation it is understood that she has a soft corner for India with whom Pakistan has not only unresolved issues but more issues are being created, the major one being the water problem. The ‘friendly opposition’ has endorsed her nomination.

Talking peace and regional cooperation is one thing and representing the social, cultural and religious values is quite another. Every society talks of peace and regional cooperation but do they really mean it? Those who are talking of global peace and freedom are the ones to bring maximum ruthless killings of millions of people. What makes one nation or a state or a society different and unique from the others is its social, cultural and religious values. Not only Sherry Rahman but almost the entire PPP cadre in particular and other parties in general don't carry a semblance of that. If we have to have an ambassador in Washington only to promote their interests in Pakistan then maybe she is a better choice but if we want our point of view to be heard, then forget it. 

In 2010, I had 2 Americans friends here in Pakistan, Jeff Gates a scholar and Gordon Duff a journalist; Sherry was taken on a panel with them by Talat Hussain on Aaj TV. What they said unanimously about her after the discussion, that “she has no knowledge or is too scared to admit the truth; she has no clue of the game plan of the West and Israel.”  Mentally she is the most obedient servant of the US establishment. During her talks at various occasion, she supports openly that America is our provider thus gives the impression of supporting the western agenda like it is Pakistan’s objective. Haqqani and Sherry are the two sides of the same coin.

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After Haqqani's removal, there was a window of opportunity to place a real Pakistan Brand top class diplomat in place but that stands lost.

There is no end to ordeal, now that Haqqani stands sacked, the hand is still to reach the main culprit; the noose is getting tighter around the government, and new events are being staged. The NATO, basically an extension of the US forces attacked Salalah border post on Pakistan-Afghan border where Pakistan lost 24 soldiers including two officers. The opinion on this cowardly act is that it was carried out for the following reasons:

·         The US is carrying out a covert operation through her assets in the area, these border posts were an impediment for it was not allowing them freedom of movement.

·         Husain Haqqani, like Raymond Davis is a very valuable asset therefore pressure is being mounted on Pakistan Army in particular to lay their hands off him.

·         Since Zardari is feeling tight due to NRO is likely to be rejected that would make Zardari step down from the seat therefore he had his tacit approval to this attack to divert the attention from Zardari-Haqqani memo and NRO case with the Supreme Court.

America has failed in its objectives in either securing the nukes or creating a wedge between Pakistan Army and the public at large. The whole nation has come out in support of the Army and they fully endorse the denial of transit facility for the NATO troops in Afghanistan. Yet another development that has taken place is that British Army Cricket team has arrived in Pakistan that was to play a match on 29th November, Pakistan Army has refused to play them since Britain is a strong member of NATO and mastermind behind all such developments. According to ISPR spokesperson, Army has taken a strong stance to retaliate, strike and resort to other means.  the officail statment is “Pakistan Army reserves the right to retaliate. Future strategy will not be revealed. Western statements regarding retaliatory attacks are baseless.” DG ISPR. Public is demanding that army should place her strategic weapons on high alert.

For the benefit of the readers, here is video report regarding US and NATO attacks on Pakistan and why. Who is authorising these attacks and why.