Let the doomsday phobic experts and dollar fed intellectuals within Pakistan keep finding one reason after the other to support this God Forsaken Long War, and let the public decide what is good for Pakistan and Iran.

By Umar Waqar

Tehran Times reported on 9 Dec of warning by Iranian MP Esmaeil Kowsari  that if the United States’ spy drone that was recently downed by the Iranian Armed Forces in eastern country had been a jet fighter, conditions in the region would have changed by now. In an interview with the Fars News Agency on Friday, Kowsari, who is the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee deputy chairman, said in that case, Iran would have pounded all U.S. military bases across the world.

These my dear all are the voices of a free people, free from the hegemony of the west and tyranny of the Aristocrats of the Shah’s Era. But it requires some guts and intelligence as well; mere babbling and bickering will not suffice. Iran has proved that they can not only defy the western hegemony but also display it by actions based on resolve and pragmatism, it is also a shut up call to western sponsored pseudo intellectuals and fear mongers who keep us reminding of dooms day scenario, even if you think of contesting the west based on principles. The Iranian security forces have been monitoring the US drone campaign in Pakistan very carefully and were constantly monitoring the US spy droe flights violating the air Iranian space. A team of young experts (I will not call them cyber warriors as they were defending Iranian air space) had kept working for days and sleepless nights to develop a response that should give them an upper edge in case of a show down with the US led Coalition of the Unwilling.

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Iran Daily describes the whole saga as; the drone utilized the top technologies available to the US army and intelligence services. Those aware of hackers and their abilities know that hacking a website or network is like a raindrop compared to hacking satellites controlling this kind of spy planes. The plane was designed to fly on SAT orders from initiation base. If for any reason contact with initiation base–in this case Afghanistan–was lost it should respond to orders given by another base in the US. If contacts with both bases are lost then it should return immediately to the initial base. If it cannot, self-destruction is the ultimate choice. Iranian electronic war hackers were not only able to hack the SAT controlling the drone and sever contacts with Afghanistan base but they were also able to simulate their base as US base for the plane and as higher ranking base forced the plane to land without destroying itself and the artificial intelligent based software did not even suspect that it is being controlled by Iranian forces.

For the information of those who are not acquainted with hacking, a website or network may require a hacker to pass through 1 to 16 gates at most for highly sophisticated financial networks. Opening each gate does not necessitate coming back to opening it again. However hacking a stealth spy plane may need crossing about 255 gates which will all be reset each time the opening of any of the previous gates fail, which means that a hacker should start all over again if for any reason he fails to open one of the gates. This means hacking such a sophisticated system is nearly impossible. But Iranian hackers did it. Hacking such an extremely sophisticated system, which until last week was considered impossible, means that the Iranians are able to enter all computer based networks systems in the US and Europe. Since the algorithm and logic behind other systems are much simpler, the Iranians may be able to control all radars, satellites, planes, ships, tanks, rockets, cruise missiles and so on of the US and NATO throughout the world. They may be able to even control American soldiers who are driven to fight using satellite controlled infrared systems. Any time anywhere they wish. By taking control of this plane, the Iranians will be able to reverse engineering the drone and produce their own planes. That means the Iranians will be the next to have this kind of high sophisticated technology in the world.


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Proudly describing the role of Iranian military the Iran Daily goes on, this plane was not detected by radar but by intelligence agents who informed Iranian forces of the entry of the aircraft into Iranian airspace to gather information. This means that Iranian intelligence is powerful enough to intercept top US military and CIA intelligence services which are capable of gathering vital information. In addition, the information was placed at the disposal of the Iranian military so swiftly that the IRGC had time to get ready to take control of the plane. In view of this, the US administration has to think twice and begin overhauling its intelligence services. Such a weak intelligence service could spell disaster for US soldiers in the area. If the Iranians are able to obtain highly confidential information, they may be also able to access other confidential information. This incident proves that the Americans have highly underestimated the capabilities of Iranian military and intelligence services. By penetrating the American systems, the Iranians have proved that they are also capable of accessing other systems including those of the Israelis which may be much easier since even the Lebanese Hezbollah was able to infringe Israeli networks on many occasions. This means that if for any reason a scenario of attacking any base in Iran should be implemented, the weapons can be deflected back to the perpetrators simply by hacking their systems.

Pakistan may learn from the Iranian example in dealing with the menace of drones as well as growing and threatening posture of US led NATO, Iranian have hunted the hunter at the most appropriate time for Pakistan, if NATO and US are suddenly becoming hostile to Pakistan and Iran, the commonsense calls for a strategic alliance between both targeted nations. Let the doomsday phobic experts and dollar fed intellectuals within Pakistan keep finding one reason after the other to support this God Forsaken Long War,and let the public decide what is good for Pakistan and Iran.