Many people feel scary to find out the historical data of stocks on internet. It’s as easy to find out any other query on search engine.

There are different sources provide you toe access of historical data free of cost. We just shared the local sites which enable you to find out the previous data of KSE Listed companies.

1. Noor Maier

2. Business Recorder

3. Open Doors

4. KSE Website

5. ZHV Securities

There is one more company which give you full range of data related to companies listed on KSE but unfortunately this is not free. That company name is SCS Trade. It’s a brokerage house.

Do you know why these companies offer such type of services free cost?
There is nothing free in this world except the best wishes 🙂 When you visited there site, you are aware from there services, when you need that services there is more probability that you will avail that service from them. So eventually you are targeted customer. That’s why they are investing on you.

Ok below there is the live link of those websites which help you to get the historical data of Karachi Stock Exchange listed companies.

Ummm! KSE Website also give you access of historical data on there new website which is from a year on testing phase.

It works on AJAX. URL remain the same even you visited different pages on the site.

Step by Step Guidance

  • Open
  • Hover the cursor on Market Data
  • Click on Historical Data
  • Put the query you required.

Thank you very much. If you have any query feel free to ask on below comment box. Cheers!