Web Hosting provide you service to host your site and give you space where you upload your website. In last few years as website became mandatory for every business if they want to get good repute into the market.

Hosting Companies in Islamabad

  • Nexus
  • Host Next
  • Comsats
  • Mega Hosting Spot

Selection of Hosting Companies

While selecting any hosting company, Client should keep in mind many factors. No doubt price is important factor in the market but sometimes you have to pay more or twice to get the same service just to avail after sales service. When someone ask to any hosting company who is offering the same service in twice or three times greater than others, then answer must be “Difference in Quality”.

Mega Hosting Spot has all its servers at Dallas,USA. They are providing very good customer support. As compare to other companies there hosting dues are higher but their clients are still satisfy as they are providing 24/7 after sales and customer support.

Unlimited Space

We offer unlimited space and bandwidth. You have seen this thing at many Web Hosting Company Websites. What does it mean?

Hosting company claims that they are offering unlimited space and bandwidth. But be remember the resources (CPU,RAM) is shared and when your site traffic increase from 500 visitors. You start facing Error 500 on your site.

Dedicated Server,VPS(Virtual Private Server) & Shared Hosting

Dedicated Server means: Hosting Company allocated a separate resource for your website. It’s totally independent system containing Ram, Hard Disk etc. In simple words, Server which is 24/7 online assigned to avail the hosting services. The best example suites for this type of resource is Separate House.

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Virtual Private Servers enables you to use shared servers. It consists of big machine in which RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) used. You have full access to your resource with minor limitations. The best example suites for this type of resource is Flat/Apartments.

Shared Hosting is most commonly used and you can say mostly used in small business even in Middle Level organizations. Its just like shared room, you have a space but multiple people are sharing it.