Everything from distance always seems to be charmed but the close look is always a different one. So is the Hostel life, it gives a hard time to many in start but if lived in little different way as normally done in homes then surely it will be so easy and enjoyable stay there.

photo copyAlways remember you are going to meet so many different people from different backgrounds and they are totally different from you in nature, in culture, in thoughts in every aspect. And best way is not to judge them by way they look like but give little time to know them and then react accordingly. Everyone has own unique identity and has full right that to be respected. If you don’t like anyone because of his nature than better to avoid him rather bear him and make your mood and day bad.

It’s a good habit to express what you feel. Do not hesitate to say what you don’t like. You have full rights to say what you think and feel and so are the rights accept from others too. If you like something you should appreciate it and if not than let it be known to others so it should be ignored for future purpose.

Do give sometime to yourself in 24 hours in which you think about yourself only and try to understand what you need and what is best for you in your life. Spending time only for you is the most precious and most needed thing to do. It doesn’t mean that you are psycho but it means you value yourself. And when you give value to yourself you are going to value every other person in your life too.


Be relaxed and always ready to see and accept the change which is the only constant in life. Never ever lose hope and never forget to thank Allah who has blessed you with unlimited blessings.