By Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui

Khalil Gibran says: Satan is the Salvation of Humanity from Vice & Sin.  Satan creates temptation and temptation is a measurement a scale of God to adjudge the value of human soul and weigh the spirit. Satan must live, for if it dies and the people know It, their fear of hell will vanish and they will cease to believe in God.

Those who matter to affect lives and living of the people in our country and society they all probably have come to know that Satan is dead but is now dead after having empowered, transformed and imbibed all of his satanic powers unto them. Our rulers are now clearly aware that as per this given principle of life by Khalil Gibran once it is known for sure that the Satan is dead than there is no fear of hell. When there is no fear of hell the life is hunky dory when you hardly waste any time to sit back to think and try to distinguish between virtues and vice.   Looking at this satanic style and approach of our ruling clan it seems that they all have been given the assurance that Satan is dead for good and now there is no possibility and fear of hell. Once when there is no fear of hell than you keep every standard moral value and principle of society on toe of your boot to kick and shout out loud “So What?

Mainly through that black hole of National Reconciliation Ordinance which is now taken by our ruling clan as a legacy of that gallant commando who actually made them possible to sit tight on all clutches and levers of power and prerogatives in this country. The sad land of our country has been now made by them the expanse of boundless desert and an extensive field of cactus.  Same (National Robbery Ordinance) the NRO which was though stroked down unanimously by the Apex Court but still hangs on our own stupid and astonished faces like a screaming banner displaying the bold teaser punch line “So Bloody What? This so what syndrome is not only an attitude and behavior but is also the only principle and basic thumb rule of today’s governance.  Those who are sitting tight on jump seats of treasury benches strongly hold all clutches & levers of power and prerogatives to merely run the country through this thumb rule of So what?

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Khalil Gibran also said that “Pity the nation who’s statesman is fox, who’s philosopher is a juggle and who’s art is the art of patching and mimicking. Need not to mention all those day to day sunshine examples of the fox traits and attributes of our statesman, the recent most golden and glaring example of the jugglery of our one of philosophers is the honorary Degree of Doctorate conferred upon Mr. Rehman Malik by one of her so called hall of fame.  

This historically milestone example of jurisprudence academia has been set and erected  by our country’s one of the most  learned intellectual, philosopher, thinker and famous poet Professor Dr. Peerzada Qasim the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University. To my shock and utter disappointment he is same Professor Dr. Peerzada Qasim to whom I have always admired and idealized as an intellect poet. Unbelievably who could stoop low enough to put his own personal grace and honor at stake. I fail to believe how he could do that only to save his perky job from hands of his boss the Chancellor who by himself is yet another most controversial figurehead of this country.

Universities around the world generally nominate personalities for honorary degrees who already enjoy indisputable high repute and honor and trust of all factions and fragments of communities within and across the country and society.

Based on public opinion and general perception these  nominees usually go through nail biting exertive exercise of scrutiny through several committees and institutional syndicate body to reach unto final approval of honorary degree. Those who are nominated are normally not told until a formal approval and invitation is made; often it is perceived that the system is shrouded in secrecy, and hardly seen political and controversial. I really have no idea if such a perquisite and usual statutory but graceful official exercise and requirement was completed by the syndicate of Karachi University or not? But prior to the formal approval of honor specially for such a highly controversial and most bashed  upon and hooted about  person in the country  like Mr. Rehman Malik this exercise was mandatrery. If I am not wrong he is probably the same Mr. Rehman Malik who is also generally and openly pronounced, perceived and referred to as Satan Malik even by his own worthy and worthless colleagues.  

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We all know that Professor Peerzada Qasim is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and respectable urdu poet,  a thinker and educationist of not only Pakistan but also of the sub-continent, His Very famous Shair (couplet)  which always inspired me to refer and mention every now than is: “Mein Aissay Shukhs ko Zindone mein Kya shumaar kuroon?.. Jo Sochta bhi nahi aur Khuwaab daikhta bhi nahi” In perspective of this shair I could  never expect and still cannot imagine  that of all the people Mr. Rehman Malik could be that Saoch & Khuwaab (ideology  & dream) of Professor Dr. Peerzada Qasim. Perhaps such are the persons and such is the reason why Khalil Gibran said it ages before that: “Pity the nation who’s statesman is fox, who’s philosopher is a juggle and who’s art is the art of patching and mimicking. At the same time Khalil Gibran also said that” Pity the nation that despises a Passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening.

The hard fact of life is that the one, who values the privileges above the principles, soon looses both. I wish Peerzada Qasim  in this case who seem to have  so poorly compromised and preferred his privileges above the principles could remember that there are times in life when one must be on the right side and loose because deeds of really great men and women outlive their lives.  Anyways for the interest of my learned readers and to pay tribute to Dr. Peerzada Qasim I would like to conclude my write-up with another remarkable shair  of Peerzada Qasim. “Hamari tarah koi doosra hua bhi nahi…Wo dard dil main rakha hai jo laadawa bhi nahi”.

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