By:Muhammad Ali Azlan

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it…” I for one have always believed in this statement and a wise man is one who even learns from the mistakes of others.

The Battle of Dunkirk was an important battle in the Second World War between the Allies and Germany. As part of the Battle of France on the Western Front, the Battle of Dunkirk was the defence and evacuation of British and allied forces in Europe from 26 May to 4 June 1940.

On 24 May, Hitler had visited General von Rundstedt’s headquarters at Charleville. Von Rundstedt advised him the infantry should attack the British forces at Arras, where the British had proved capable of significant action, while Kleist’s armour held the line west and south of Dunkirk in order to pounce on the Allied forces retreating before Army Group B. This order allowed the Germans to consolidate their gains and prepare for a southward advance against the remaining French forces. The terrain around Dunkirk was thought unsuitable for armour; Hitler was familiar with Flanders’ marshes from World War I. Despite his pilots’ need to rest after two weeks of nonstop combat, Luftwaffe commander Hermann Göring asked for the chance to destroy the forces in Dunkirk. The Allied forces’ destruction was thus initially assigned to the air force and the German infantry organised in Army Group B. Von Rundstedt later called this “one of the great turning points of the war.”

The true reason for the decision to halt the German armour on 24 May is still a matter of debate. One theory states that Von Rundstedt and Hitler agreed to conserve the armour for Fall Rot, an operation to the south. It is possible that the air force’s closer ties than the army to the Nazi Party contributed to Hitler’s approval of Göring’s request. Another theory—which has recently been disputed—was that Hitler was still trying to establish diplomatic peace with Britain before Operation Barbarossa. Although von Rundstedt after the war stated his suspicions that Hitler wanted “to help the British”, based on alleged praise of the British Empire during a visit to his headquarters, no evidence exists that Hitler wanted to let the Allies escape.Brian Bond stated:

  O yes I am illiterate because I am unable to speak English fluently

Few historians now accept the view that Hitler’s behaviour was influenced by the desire to let the British off lightly in hope that they would then accept a compromise peace. True, in his political testament dated 26 February 1945 Hitler lamented that Churchill was “quite unable to appreciate the sporting spirit” in which he had refrained from annihilating [the British Expeditionary Force, or BEF] at Dunkirk, but this hardly squares with the contemporary record. Directive No. 13, issued by the Supreme Headquarters on 24 May called specifically for the annihilation of the French, English and Belgian forces in the pocket, while the Luftwaffe was ordered to prevent the escape of the English forces across the channel.

Whatever the reasons for Hitler’s decision, the Germans confidently believed that the Allied troops were doomed.

But they were seriously mistaken and the rest as they say is history Germans suffered a momentous defeat shattering the once all Mighty and Powerful Nazri Germany while the most powerful man on the planet at that time Adolf Hitler died a nameless and faceless Death.

Now what did Hitler do wrong what he did wrong was he overthought everything in my opinion and because of that made a huge blunder ultimately costing him the WAR. He forgot the cardinal rule “Everythings Fair in Love and War”….

Since 9/11 Pakistan has given close to 60,000 dead and wounded with Billions of Dollars worth of loss to Economy,Land and Infrastructure…To understand the point of all this is first to determine the FACT that Pakistan is in a “State Of War”.

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I for one don’t believe in the Peace Talks initiative as all this excercise has already been done in Sawat while Mullah Fazlullah was leading a TTP Faction in sawat (Pakistan) and now the same man has emerged as the leader of TTP as a whole…So I for one think this is suicide trusting a snake who has already bitten you in the past is a foolish prospect which can harm Pakistan even further.Overthinking Over Analyzing and plain Incompetence has ruined many a great Nations in the past I pray Pakistan doesn’t suffer the same fate