Last week was filled with news, and the media including, print, television, and social had their handful. It started with Rashid Godil’s murder attempt, and just a couple of days back Shuja Khanzada was murdered. Incidents like these really make you think that if powerful people like them are not safe how they can protect us. I don’t want to think about any conspiracy because without proof we can be shooting in air. But this concerns me that we commoners are not safe.

Then there is news about Ayyan Ali’s visit to a university in Karachi. I don’t want to talk about her and don’t want to judge her because people frankly speaking I don’t care about her. What’s sad is that people who are consistently posting about her and saying that what is wrong without our people. She went to the university and gave her lecture the same day Rashid Minhas was martyred. Yes! I am right, only a handful of people on social media posted or shared a picture in his memory. And yes everything is wrong with us.

Ayyaz Sadiq win over Imran khan is declared null and void and there will be re-elections for that seat, after two and a half years of struggle, with all the dharnas and other fiascos. Imran Khan have a victory finally. It’s important for the party and his followers to hear this news as they have been polluting the social media with their hateful comments and posts. I am a supporter of PMLN but the way insafians ignore their own party acts and put more oil in fire to make PMLN bad is just stupid.

  INDIA Becoming Rwanda!

These were the headlines last week plus there were also more important news that I have to comment about. Stay tuned.