A two decades ago, no one know in Pakistan aware about this city and even it’s not a part of our country. On 8 September 1958, Pakistani Government decided to bought this land from Omani rulers and after that it became a part of Pakistan officially. This deal was done in just $ 1 Million. Till 2,000 there is no importance of this land.

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In the reign of Musharraf, city destiny changed completely and it start getting geo-political importance due to its deep sea port. This coastal city will act as economic hub for Pakistan in near future. The recent Pak-China Economic Corridor Agreement increases the importance of this land manifold. While Last year Iranian Investors announced that they will construct a Oil Refinery and they started working on this project.

In 2014, An amount of $40 Billion investment changed the fate of Gwadar inhabitants. This will put a very good impact on Pakistani Economy which was suffering from great recession.

Threats to Gwadar Project:

  • Due to conflict of interest, many threats Gwadar is facing. Blaouch Militants are the biggest threat to the city as they are worried about the outside population. So they think they will become minority in their own province.
  • Indians Spy Agency is also playing vital role in creating disturbance in the region with the support of American CIA and Isreali Mosad. All these countries doesn’t want to developed this port.
  • Iran is also worried because if Gwadar is fully operational, then there will be no importance of Chabhar port.
  • UAE stake is also involved due to strategic importance of this deep sea port.

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