Tom, has interviewed people who think like him and so he see’s our landscape as per his perceptions not based on the entire canvas of historical and factual background; hence he terms our region a new Entity called, “The Greater Himalayan Common Market.” But such is not the case as built by Tom that will be explained subsequently.
To term the battle in Afghanistan as war between the old vanguards and the new is a very simple and subtle way of diverting the issue. You must know the Afghan history, no matter how much they fight each other, but against the invaders they stand united. Karzai with all the support of the US and NATO has failed to muster any legitimacy within the Afghan population. So much so that even the Northern Alliance does not trust him. His rule just ends at the gate of his palace. His personal body guards are Americans, he can not trust the Afghans.
If the Afghans in their rags tags could beat out the Soviets who had no logistics problems, it’s much simpler for them to defeat the US. More so when America is getting aggressive against Pakistan, the supply lines can be choked then America would have to airlift the entire war material including the fuel that would within days stall the American operations.
As to the role of USA as perceived again by Tom, this is that it is the future of world
and those nations which adhere to its policies will enter the world of bliss, again one can only say it’s his perceptions. As according to him, American system gives equality to all;
as well to nations, an equal recognition in the worlds social realm. But that is exactly what we see in the Hollywood world, as we also see the British version of its role in the world affairs through its 007 James bond series. But the reality is quite different.
As to the term of religious bigots, in which he names beside his own i.e. Christianity almost all, however, their brand of missionary schools under different hues which litter the world and preach the Christian (American) version of enlightenment?

  Pakistan's Education Fiasco - Part 1

The lack of research on the issue of our identity, in which Tom again blunders. Pakistan and India have always been two distinct entities. Urdu incidentally was imposed on us by the British in 1854, as was English. our language as spoken by the bulk of our races that belong to these regions again is ethnically, linguistically as well culturally different, from the rest of those races which inhabit what is now called India.
British India was indeed a sub continent as it also had Burma in it. so for Tom to term it Indian subcontinent is highly unfair. It only shows his grasp of our affairs.
1947 was our re birth. even in the old times when we where part of Iranian empire going back, when Balkh was the capital of the empire. and Zartusht was killed in the fire temple, when the Buddhist Turks, led by Afriasiab, raided, the Iranian capital. We formed the three main provinces of the empire and of the seven families who elected the Shah of Iran; we had the representation of the three. What is now India was a conglomerate of small princely states, now it is federation of states of which many are trying to secede from India. Against such a backdrop talking of Greater Himalayan Common Market only appears to be the wishful thinking of Tom or it’s a idea being floated by some agencies from within America or still there could be some Israeli thought concealed in it.
This old India even then paid us tribute in gold dust. The so called Mahabharata epic is a concoction of fertile Hindu Brahman mind. As to Afghanistan it is again a new name coined by the British. It was Khursan, a territory of Indus Civilisation. What Karzai is up to is nothing new after all he was planted on the Kabul throne by Zahir Shah, who sat on it in 1933 and worked hard to destroy Pakistan, first in cahoots with Congress later with the Indians. The Indians, especially Brahmans of Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh (RSSS), a Hindu terrorist organisation, have yet to reconcile with Pakistan, they are to wipe Pakistan off the global map. Jawahr Lal Nehru was a Brahman, his daughter Indira Ghandi struck Pakistan through a strong support of Russia and Henry Kissinger to dismember Pakistan.
Tom very conveniently fails to mention the murderous, RSSS bands that since pre-1947 have killed millions of innocent women, children & men mostly Muslims, Sikh and the untouchables, the western media is quite on this aspect. Of late, Christian population is also being targeted by killing them and attacking the churches.
As to the Himalayan range, it ceases to exist on the south west of Kashmir, our water sheds are the southern slopes and mountains of the Karakorum Range. Indus too comes from them; the southern slopes of Himalaya provide rain water to Indian rivers. However the source of our rivers is in the Tibet high lands.
Mr. Tom should also know that times old civilisations like Mohanjedaro, Harrapah and Ghandhara are part of Indus Civlisations that now fall in Pakistan. These have nothing in common with the Ganges Civlisation. Knowledge of history, culture, and religions is a very important factor when talking about such geo-political changes. Perhaps if Tom was talking about an alliance between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and China etc. it could have been some possibility. Historically we have been in close contact for one reason or the other.
Besides this, India does not have good neighbourly relations with any country around it, so how can any country feel comfortable with such a rogue state. For 28 long years Sri Lanka has suffered due to the atrocities of India, Nepal, Bangladesh all remain under the sword of India. Tom must remember that you can not yolk together the unnatural partners.
If you read what Webster Treplay writes in his article, ‘Obama declares war on Pakistan,’    “As far as the neighbouring states are concerned, India under the unfortunate Manmohan Singh seems to be accepting the role of continental dagger against Pakistan and China on behalf of the US and the British. This is a recipe for a colossal tragedy. India should rather make permanent peace with Pakistan by vacating the Vale of Kashmir, where 95% of the population is Moslem and would like to join Pakistan. Without a solution to this issue, there will be no peace on the subcontinent.” published in Opinion Maker, would be a litmus test.
To India no other religion is acceptable except Hinduism or those who kneel before the Hindutwa, so talking of Himalayan Common Market makes no sense.

Besides being Member Board of Advisors, Opinion Maker, Naveed Tajamaal, is a historian, doing research for the past twenty five years. His area of focus is Indus Civilisation, Central Asia, China and Middle East. He lectures and writes for publications.