Drinking 100 percent purple grape juice can reduce or even reverse memory loss, according to research by the University of Cincinnati.

In a study led by Dr. Robert Krikorian, 12 men and women between the ages of 75 and 80 were divided into two groups. All had been diagnosed with early memory loss. One group drank 100 percent Concord while the other group drank a placebo matched for calories for twelve weeks.

The participants were given memory tests, such as memorizing lists and placing items in a specific order, at regular intervals during the three months. "While there were no significant differences between the groups at baseline, following treatment, those drinking Concord grape juice demonstrated significant improvement in list learning," Krikorian said in a statement. "In addition, trends suggested improved short-term retention and spatial (nonverbal) memory.

"These results with Concord grape juice are very encouraging," he said. "A simple, easy-to-incorporate dietary intervention that could improve or protect memory function, such as drinking Concord grape juice, may be beneficial for the aging population."

Other studies have shown that purple grapes have powerful health benefits. One VanderbiltUniversity study found that people who drank grape juice more than three times a week lowered their risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 76 percent.

Additional studies have shown grapes to have heart healthy benefits including keeping arteries supple and blood pressure low. Researchers believe the benefits in Concord grape juice come from antioxidants in the grape’s skin and fruit