A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Gates wrote that Israel would assassinate President Obama. Few members of the public took it seriously.  Members of the “not so public” knew it already, this and much more.  Last weeks bungled CIA burglary of  Senator Landieu’s office, done by a covert operations crew from the DOD and CIA “non official cover” recruits didn’t seem like much.  It was like the tip of an iceberg, you only see a bit, but much more is hidden.  What are we hiding?  During the Bush administration, a “second state” within America was built, hidden behind crooked Federal prosecuting attorneys hired by Ashcroft and Gonzales who ran and may still be involved in hiding operations under the leadership of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and other names we will never know.
Remember the talk about Dick Cheney running the JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command, normally a military command that answers to the JCOS (Joint Chiefs of Staff), Secretary of the Army and Secretary of Defense, under Congressional oversight?  Remember that all that oversight was removed?  Why do you think that was?
Our “joint command” got privatized.  CIA functions were given to companies like Blackwater who answered to the GOP, not Congress or the President.  Israel and their Mossad were included with their history of “false flag” attacks and spying against the US.  Members out of every agency, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DOD, and every military command were “selected” for participation in a special “extra legal” read illegal organization.  Even when a new administration took office, hundreds of Federal officials in key positions kept working for their old bosses along with thousands of “contractors” and rogue “shadow” employees of the dozen or so spy agencies, people who were never really on an official payroll.  All of America’s real spies work for the press, think tanks, UN organizations, banks, oil companies or similar commercial “covers.”  A country may have 200 American spies in it with only 2 being CIA and those carry diplomatic passports.
What is driving this organized crime operation that is capable of killing a president at any time, much less members of Congress or putting anyone in the US behind bars on a whim?  Money.  Where does the money come from?  The biggest source is $50 billion in drug money from Afghanistan that moves around the world, drugs, money, financial instruments, all by US contractors, military NCOs, American diplomats and even an occasional US Senator or two.
The secondary push is being made by the huge cost overruns and waste brought on by massive privatization of the military and through the billions bilked out of the American people through price fixing on refined fuels like diesel and gasoline by the international cabal of oil companies.  Price fixing on gas and diesel along with natural gas is the biggest expense the American people pay, even more than the military budget.
The big risk to our national security isn’t just that we have created as secret government with its own death squads, black bag operations and the ability to protect itself from prosecution through intimidation.  Even worse is the fact that much of the recruiting is done through Evangelical organizations.  This assures us that “the best and brightest” will be replaced by the “dim bulbs” and “bible thumpers” like the morons arrested in New Orleans.
Still, there are highly trained professionals, good enough to send anthrax around the country.  However, not being caught when those looking for you, the FBI and Justice Department are active participants in the terrorist acts cuts down the challenge.  If anything was too difficult, highly trained Mossad operatives could always be used.  There is no organization within the United States that has the authority to interfere with any Mossad operation, no matter how illegal, within the United States.  Check on this.
The most obvious thing Americans noticed is that, after the election, no effort was made to investigate any of the crimes committed during the Bush administration.  Impeachment articles were presented to Congress outlining crimes, not simply “broken rules” but criminal acts punishable by prison sentences committed by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Attorney Generals Gonzales and Ashcroft and dozens of others.  Not one word about investigating these crimes has been voiced though evidence is overwhelming.
Critical to keeping the cash flowing is our operations overseas done under the cover of USAID programs in Afghanistan and “counter-terrorism” in Pakistan.  In reality we are operating “hit squads” maintaining control over drug trafficking and realigning drug operations into southern Afghanistan, “Taliban” areas, but, in reality to “bandits” who will work closely with our CIA mercenary contractors, the ones who operate the aircraft that moves drugs out of Afghanistan and the region.
The government of Pakistan tells us that the Mossad, Blackwater and the Indian security organization, RAW are actively arming and training Taliban involved in the drug trade and helping plan terrorist acts inside Pakistan that have killed thousands, terrorist acts that are barely mentioned in US newspapers and almost never on television.
In fact, we have build a cult of lawlessness in, not only Afghanistan, since we took over but spread it to Pakistan as well, using our “drone” attacks to do much more than kill terrorists but to enforce “other” more profitable programs as well.
Our recent moves to make friends with the Taliban seem more suspect since narcotics production in Afghanistan has relocated south, primary for agricultural reasons, into the hands of people we call “Taliban” but who are and always have been criminal elements.  It makes me wonder who we are negotiating with.
I see no signs of a realistic economic program for Afghanistan, based on a pastoral and nomadic lifestyle that moves between Afghanistan and Pakistan, a lifestyle that could only be improved by building small business, clearing the millions of landmines the Soviets left on traditional migration routes or empowering a gradual move into a sustainable economy rooted in local cultural norms and not consumerism.
How are we supposed to react?  There is no reaction because a standard has been set.  Unless the MSM/corporate media ordain something as fact, a media that is an integral part of the “secret government,” no fact can ever be considered.  When anything gets too close to being a danger, first it is attacked as “conspiracy theory” and then someone has an accident.  Getting between our friends in government and their drug money is the most dangerous thing of all.
How is government, how are real public minded people kept in line?  John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King are the reminders.  They were publicly murdered as was Robert Kennedy and nothing was done.  If those memories are too old, you have the anthrax attacks.  Two people I know were hit.
How do we track down timely deaths, mysterious suicides, plane crashes, odd politically motivated arrests or the systematic financial destruction of anyone who speaks up?  All that the gangster have to do is send out a message to AIPAC that someone is threatening Israel, real or not, and they and their family will be destroyed for generations.  Does that power exist?  Yes, this and much more and it is used constantly.
Whenever you see President Obama speak about change yet no change happens.  Whenever you wonder why something obvious to you isn’t seen by others, take heed.  When an idiot with a bomb is walked onto a plane, when a psychiatrist goes on a murder rampage on a military base, when laws are broken but prosecutions never happen, when a hundred things that make no sense at all sneak onto the comic or sports pages or into your email, if one is true, and we do nothing, we are lost.
We are dealing with people who can murder a President as easy as buying a pack of cigarettes.  They can see to it that a Supreme Court member’s family dies in a plane crash or that a Senator’s daughter is raped at college.  With “Evangelical” belief as the basis for action, any brutality is justified as god’s will, any crime.  We have seen it before.  Gott ist Mit Uns.
How many are true?  How much is done to control our news, our economy, our military and government, the prices we pay and how we think?  Is all of it part of some vast plot?  No, of course not?  Is most of it?  Maybe.  Nobody is left to ask.  Welcome to the “wild west.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. He is active in the financial industry and is a specialist on global trade. Gordon Duff acts as political and economic advisor to a number of governments in Africa and the Middle East. He is a regular writer for Veterans Today and Opinion Maker.

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