I never be a part of MQM but always be a diehard supporter of Altaf Hussain Bhai. There are so many reasons behind my endless love for this right man. In this article, I would like to share it.

In 2008, when i heard the speech of Altaf Hussain Bhai in India regarding the creation of Pakistan. He won my heart as i listened first pakistani who spoke the truth regardless of establishment fear.

In 2011, When Altaf Hussain created a militant group to protect the people of karachi from PAC (People’s Aman Committee) lead by Uzair baloch. This is the first hilarious move by PPP against MQM but it never bow down Haq Parast Leader Altaf Hussain Shab.

In 2013, MQM secured 17 national assembly seats in Karachi. Meanwhile, PTI emerged as a biggest threat to MQM in Karachi but Altaf Hussain fixed this emerging menacing politically. The same year, Altaf Hussain blasted on DG Rangers Rizwan Akhtar and after that he appointed as a DG ISI. He started operation against criminals and with the passage of time, it transferred against MQM and its loyal workers. The unended war started when Rangers raided on MQM headquarter 9/0 (NineZero) on 11th March 2015. Then rangers raided almost every sector and unit of MQM in Karachi. More than 5000 workers has been arrested yet and the number is keep on increasing.

Almost every tactics has been utilized to conquer Karachi but every time they failed to do so. Therefore, they decided to divide the community and make them rivalry of each other. So, appointed Mustafa Kamal (Sold Faith person) for this cause. Mustafa Kamal arrived in Karachi on 3rd March 2016 and appealed to all MQM workers to join them or ready to face torture and fake cases. But the loyalty with Altaf Hussain is commendable. Almost majority of diehard supporters of Altaf Hussain refused to join them. And the results of byelection truly depicted that Karachite still love with Altaf Hussain.

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But the last day event hurted me very badly when MQM announced strike in Karachi. On contrary, Rangers strictly announced that every business should be open or be ready for dare consequences. Due to this reason, a majority of business opened around the city and law enforcement authorities forcefully opened those shops and petrol pumps which was closed deliberately in the support of Altaf Hussain call. LEA’s oppression against the Mohajirs unveiled their long term goal to encounter MQM and its strength. As Altaf Hussain Shab already wrote in his book that first they isolate you, then loose your morale and finally declare your top leadership as a criminal and the whole world saw this in the siege of Dr. Farooq Sattar house.

Due to all above ongoing worst situation happening in the city of lights Karachi, then why i decided to say GoodBye to MQM. There is only one reason when the people of karachi forget about the martyrs and the future of next generation then what can we do for them who are outside the city. It should be better to keep quiet and watch.