Today, when i awoke, saw a fatwa of grand mufti of KSA regarding chess. A day before it’s permitted and now it’s prohibited. What’s the story behind it?

There is no doubt that chess is not invented few years ago, it’s an old game. So, then what would be the need to ban chess today. And who gave them right to issue fatwa on such sports which exist from a long time.

In my opinion, the ruler or guardian of Muslim community have right to issue fatwa on such thing which causing disorder into the society. Meanwhile, there is no person who have stance that chess is permissible in Islam. Anyways, the main topic of discussion is how it be a kind of gambling?

First of all, we need to examine it via different aspects. While playing chess which form of energy we utilize. Obviously, there is no physical involvement in chess. We move pawns after thinking so many times. So we are burning too many calories on useless activity which never enhance our capability with any sort.

Furthermore, some people used to play chess on bet. Once he/she won the game, the loser party gave treat to winners. Through this way it’s form of gambling.